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Michael and our kayak on Observation beach

The mermaid

Our beach at Onetahuni

Marahau is really close to Motueka- sorry but the map on this program doesn't have it.

We kayaked with Freedom Kayaks Tours, or Waka tours for three days. A waka is a beautiful hand made wooden Maori designed boat that seats 40 people. They take this beauty out on the Tasman sea daily for tours. They got us oriented with the double sea kayaks with rudder and sent us on our way by early afternoon. We booked the camp sites through the New Zealand DOC (dept. of Conservation) and our first stop was Observation bay for the night. We passed two islands on the way and had our first taste of rough water. Janet is not a sailor, once again. Likes the water, but not really. Our camp site had six spots and was very secluded. The day was quite nice, but once again it rained in the evening. We had a Treble trumpet solo on the beach that night which was wonderful- a fellow from the Netherlands played to the sea in the evening and we were lucky enough to hear it.

Day two was rougher than day one- we had to pump out the front of the kayak after our first failed attempt to get into the sea. Michael was giddy with joy because we got to surf the swells for most of the day. Janet was rather tight lipped and quiet until land was reached. We travelled the Mad Mile which proved to be just that. You could not see the horizon at times as you were in the troughs of the waves!!!! We managed not to kill each other as well and are still good little buddies.... Two alpha males going at it and we live to tell the tale. The second night was spent at Tenahuti bay with many other tourists. Some beach photos for those of you who like the beaches.

Day three going home was a long one. Up early and we were the first kayak to break water. Went straight out to the seal colony a woke up the seals and their pups. They are quite stinky but still cute. The waters were very calm much to Janet's whim and we continued back homeward. Tail winds surfed us back early and it was a hoot. Needed a sail and we would have been set. Janet now looks like Arnold because of the paddling and my ass is kinda red!!!! Just kidding parents!!!!.

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