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Lots of Dairy Farms Around




Six am bus...countryside is green, lots of cloudy, moist skies-no rain til late in the day. Thru lots of agric...vineyards, orchards, wheat, alphalpha, oats (love the gray/green fields of new oats), tree farms-eucalyptus and pine. Springtime and great flower time, huge stretches of CA poppies, chrysanthemums, and even bushes of lupine...lots of yellow/gold colors. We go from the flats to much more hilly, forested areas moving S.


Rain, walked along malecon to big mall and cine...saw Harry P. Town is old and new, lots of places to stay - it seems every other house is a 'residencial familiar' (family living w/ guests and sharing their space, not nec. cheap but better than tourist/hotel/hostel options) like the one we've ended in 'Maria Inez', a lady who 'hovers' a bit much, showed us how to open the front doors at least six times!

Everywhere on the peninsula Scotch broom/gorse is rampant, a major weed infestation it looks like! Thruout Chile & Argentina the dogs are also rampant (speaking of rampant), everywhere but seemingly well fed. I speculate it's because there is alot of food refuse from meat 'industry' (beef and fish) which is thrown out by relatively wel heeled population. Chile esp. seems prosperous tho prices certainly reflect a poor exchg w/ the dollar.

Bon has quite accurately pointed out that traveling S. in Chile and even starting earlier up N., the W. coast of S. Am. is like a 'bookend' to the same climate/geography/flora as W. coast of N. Am. from Baja going N. into Canada. Right now we are in the relative position of N. Washington state up into Vancouver, BC you might say. Azaleas, scotch broom, and wet/rainy/cool springtime with mtns. inland. Bon says the town of Puerto Montt reminds her of similar port towns in Alaska she drove thru 40 + years ago - clapgoard sideing, corrugated metal rusting roofs, most suffering from varying degrees of rot/pealing paint due to wetness and proximity to ocean etc. Plus the bright greeness of everything, that special fresh green of springtime, the gray-green lichen on all the fence posts and anything else it can attach to (bushes,tree trunks,any bare wood surface). Ferns filling in where grasses can't grow or visa versa.

Mari, in her need to be recognized as an animal lover (not by humans but by the animals themselves) is always reaching out, dare we say chasing, dogs/cats whatever animal is around. Taking them scraps of food, even going to the extent of buying doggy treats - which to her dismay most ignore never having sen them (they're street dogs living on human scraps after all). In India it was cows.

Into Ancud at noon, bought tickets on to Castro for 1:40 and went to laoca restaurant for lunch. We saw on sign out front veggie soup and salads. YES! It's cold and rainy, soup sounded great! We ordered soup all round and salad and coffee and tea and order of french fries.

First came salads and soup-very good, the salads a bit small (one slice of tomato) but we all thought that was OK w/ fries coming we'd be just right. When waitress broght a plate of fries she also brought plates of mashed potatoes/gravy/peas/carrots and chicken! Whoa! We didn't order that! Oh yes, it comes with the soup and also dessert! Whew! Just when we thought our food (and budget) was beginning to make some sense, bang, blown! Bon and Mari barely touched their plates, Jake and I filling in the slack, and I ended up eating at least another full portion. Then the dessert...apricots in nectar with barley a traditional Chile dessert. I ate Bon's, Mari's, and my own!!! Full to stuffed (I always eat when it is available, ya never know!). Barely made it back to bus station in the rain so stuffed and just in time for bus. Ancud was for all intents and purposes just a small coastal village - most buildings along 2 streets nearest bus terminal were hotels/hostels or residencials for the likes of us. We had checked tourist office in bus station and the boat which normally takes tourist to see penguins was not going - no penguins? no tourists? plus the ocean/bay weather was nasty too!

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