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Go on mapo!

It was actually pitch black here

And one thing you SHOULD NEVER EVER DO in the dark... is...

We abandoned our torch lit card game due to a water logged...

Sooooo off we set again, map in tow this time!....Yeeeeeaaaaa to cut a long story short we didn't find it!

Obviously Ozz was driving so I was on map duty! We ended up on the complete oposite side of the island than we wanted to be....I couldn't have got it anymore wrong! I suppose I should of become suspisious when none of the places on the road signs matched the names I was supposed to be looking for on the map....I just figured it was a language thing and told Ozz to keep driving!

So we ended up in a place called Sanur, which was alright, but more of a retirement resort than a surf destination! So we had a paddle in the sea and a cup of tea and decided to head on back!

Rather luckilly we drove past a shopping centre (we had been looking for since we arrived in Bali!) on the way back so again Ozz dragged me in as he has been going on and on about needing to go to Top Shop.......

After that we were pretty tired and a bit burnt from driving round so we went back for a dip in the pool then back out for a bit of dinner. On the way back a there was a bit of a storm a brewing and then a flash of light and all the power went off!

So we got back to the room and grabbed our torches (which we have discovered we have 5 of! Excessive or decide!)

So with the brightest balcony in Bali we decided to play some cards and wait for the power to come back, It didn't come back on all night!

So it was a very long, hot, uncomfortable night with no air con booooooooooooo!


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