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Larry can snug the coach into just about anywhere!


Kelly cutting Scotty's hair


Scotty cutting Kelly's hair


Acrobatic cat


Male merganser

Female merganser

On the kitchen table

On the stove!


Helping make the bed

No wonder it's cold - fresh snow on April 4


Kelly's ball game on the 7th

Picking up Aaron at the airport after his 4 1/2 month trip

New twisty building downtown Vancouver

Great Blue Heron

Motoko in her sunbeam

The boys washing the coach

Aaron playing ball on the 12th

He was mistaken for someone from Roberts Creek and often referred to...

Mo in a bag!

Never get tired of this view but look at more snow April...

One of our eagles

Hike through Cliff Gilker Park on April 15 with Amanda





A memorial for someone









Skunk cabbage




Old bridge under a new bridge

Another little mushroom

Cool bridge - foot path was a slice cut from the fallen...



Mother Nature's planter


You never know who you might meet!

Roots in the path

What do you mean I'm on Facebook!

Heron at the Marsh

Turkey Vultures picking at something on the beach

Then they all flew into a tree


Crows on the neighbour's fence

One of Maureen's projects - weeding the "beach"

Male (white) and female mergansers


Rare action shot of eagles in our tree - from the bedroom...

Storm clouds building


Maureen put a new battery in the clock.

Mo couldn't figure out what was moving



Goslings on our beach

And at the marsh


The shallow water had very different colours in it

Ring-necked doves on the fence

Resting on our grass




Maureen's second project - deconstruct the rock wall

That's a lot of rocks!

We arrived in Sechelt on March 26. Larry once again snugged the coach right into the driveway no problem. The weather for the following month was mostly rainy and quite cool but there were a few days of brilliant sunshine just to keep us happy. On two occasions, April 4 and 12, there was fresh snow on the mountains. Far too late for that!

Kelly manages two slo-pitch teams, playing on one of them, so there were lots of ball games to watch. We had to wear long pants, take winter coats and gloves, and blankets.

Larry busied himself with trying to sell the house so we don't have to demolish it. He dropped the price to $10,000 and we got lots of interest and several viewings but no one was willing to add the $50-60,000 that would be needed to move it. So at this point (end of April) we will be demolishing it one of these days and salvaging what we can to use in the new house. We met briefly with the builder and he said he would get a sketch together, using Maureen's drawing, and get back to us. Well he finally got back with the sketch on April 29, the day before Maureen was scheduled to leave so we're still up in the air.

Aaron got back from his 4 1/2 month adventure to Mexico, Central and South America. Maureen and Larry went to the Vancouver airport to pick him up. It was great to see him and we had a wonderful visit for the next 4 days.

Larry headed back up to Vernon on the 14th with the coach and car. We had to watch the Coquihalla very carefully because there was snowfall after snowfall. He finally decided to take the Canyon and was glad he did. It was a lovely, clear drive. He got settled in Vernon and went back to work in his Treasurer position.

Maureen stayed in Sechelt until April 30. She busied herself with raking (of cedar crap), weeding (the "beach") and picking rocks (deconstructing the rock wall in the hopes that one day we will be building). She went for a hike and a brunch and a lunch with Amanda (Kelly's former girlfriend). On the 18th Karen came up for an overnighter - they used to live two doors down from us in South Surrey. They traipsed all over Sechelt, checking out stores previously unexplored. On the 22nd Valerie came up for an overnighter - Valerie and Maureen worked together in White Rock and have been great friends for many years. Again the traipsing all over town. On the second day it rained most of the morning, lifting long enough for a walk to the government wharf and a stroll through the Sechelt Marsh which is right across the street from our house.

Maureen was able to take a lot of wonderful bird photos, welcoming several families of geese and their kids. She also met one of the many people who photograph regularly in the Marsh. Maureen was able to get a ride to the ferry, and ultimately right to the bus depot in Vancouver, from Alicia, the girlfriend of one of Kelly's friends and who both play ball. She then got on the Greyhound and arrived in Vernon at 6:45 pm. Larry picked her up and they went for Chinese - no decent Chinese in Sechelt! We're now settled in to Vernon awaiting the sale of the coach. Our wandering days (by coach at least) will be over but on to the next adventure.

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