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Our friend Mitch, as 'General Custer'...

A shot off to my left, nice turnout today!

Wish this really was ours! Well, our company anyway...

A nice search and rescue team, everything was immaculate!


Haven't run him out of town yet!!! LOL

This young lady is a 'hoot'!

The local marching band, great job guys!

Too funny!

Fred and Barney were on hand...

As was the 'Biker Dog', isn't he cute???

The final participants have arrived...

God Bless America!

50 flags from 50 states represented today...

He calls himself 'a grifter from nowhere'...nice guy, beautiful ride...

This morning Larry, Lou and I headed downtown around 9:30 for the parade. The turnout was excellent again this year. I enjoyed visiting with a local resident who moved here in 1994 from Germany. She and her husband have a horse boarding/campground facility in the nearby town of Pringle. They currently have around 30 folks (and their horses) staying with them. The group is entitled Best of America by Horseback. They were invited to ride in the Gold Discovery Days parade this morning and are carrying a flag for all 50 states for the first time ever!

From April-September of 2009, they are doing a Mexico to Canada ride. Overall the route will be around 1800 miles in length and will be approximately 21 weeks averaging 15-20 miles per day, riding three to four days and resting one to two days. Wow, I can only imagine!

These folks also participate in a fast moving, top quality television series that takes viewers to beautiful riding locations. The Best of America by Horseback weekly TV series, having begun in July 2005, has featured various riding locations from the plains of Texas to the beaches of North Carolina, through the canyons in the Texas Panhandle, and along the Suwannee River in Florida. They take the viewer past beautiful waterfalls in the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina, on working ranches, and into the Black Hills of South Dakota, Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, herding buffalo in Minnesota, as well as historic locations in the northeast. As a result of overwhelming requests by viewers to ride with them, in 2007, they began Best of America by Horseback's Grand Tour of America. Tom and the television crew are visiting each state over the next few years where viewers can come out and ride with them and be a part of the production of a television segment on that location. If interested, you can find the ride nearest you on their webpage at:


In addition to these riders, we also enjoyed the many other participants. There were interesting floats, a marching band, vintage autos, buggy's and the list goes on. I took lots of pics at the parade, so even though our day continued on, I am only posting those for today. You can catch the rest of our day tomorrow!

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