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Our new pad...not bad eh!

Today we moved hotels to one across the road that is half the price! We wasn't really that keen on the one we have been in but with all the illness that has been going on we kind of just stayed there!

Anyway as I say the new one is very nice, basic room but has a balcony and on the ground floor right next to the pool.

We moved our stuff in and decided to go for a drive to go and find "dreamland" which is supposed to be really good beach for surfing, so off we set....

It wasn't until we had been driving for about 20 minutes that we realised we had absolutly no idea where we was going....and we had no map!

I think we drove around for around an hour until we decided to abort mission and try again tomorrow after buying a map!

That was pretty much it for today, we went to the reasturaunt at the front of our hotel for some din dins then an early night as we are still not feeling to great!


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