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We decided to drive up to Mt. Baldy while the coach was...


Looking back down the valley. It was quite the climb.

Not too much snow.


The chairlift up to the restaurant - no one was on it....

Coming back down

Chino Valley

Site 65 Prado Regional Park - our favourite so far

Sunset Prado

Going up the Grapevine

The southbound traffic is not on the normal side

Pink flowering shrubs

Orange flowers

Yellow flowers

The Summit

6% down grade

IKEA Distribution Centre is at the bottom

Almond trees


This was our second truckload of lemons

The Lakes, Chowchilla

Durango RV, Red Bluff

Clock tower in Red Bluff

We thought we would go the back way to Redding


Our last lunch at In-N-Out

Strange cloud

Lake Shasta - better than last time but still no where near...


Premier RV in Eugene OR

Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn WA

The Cedars, Ferndale WA

The car is really full this time!

Site 36 Pacific Border RV

After the Costco run, we added even more!

We left San Diego around 2 pm on the 10th. We weren't supposed to be at M&M Coach until later in the day so we got there just before 4:30. They parked us for the night with power. We were ready when they were at 8 am the next morning. They worked on the solenoids in the jacks first and got those completed. Then they determined that the rubber seal on the rear slide did not need to be replaced so they just checked all the seals on the roof. We got to keep the 34 feet of seal that Tiffin had sent because they had sent it at no charge. We took the time to drive up Mt. Baldy while we waited for the coach to be repaired. Nothing was open and there was hardly any snow. They finished all their work by 1 pm on Thursday. We had booked into Prado Regional RV Park for 2 nights so we were able to enjoy the site a bit. The weather is lovely, quite hot. We got all our shopping done of items to bring home. The wind got up and was quite gusty.

We headed out Friday the 13th heading north. We went Hwy 71 to Hwy 57 to I-210 to I-5 and then the Grapevine. The traffic was not too heavy and we made it up the steep ascent no problem to the 4144 foot Tejon Pass. The descent is pretty steep too down into Bakersfield. We had chosen to go up Hwy 99 and will probably not do that again because it was very rough. When we arrived at Chowchilla we were greeted by the across the street neighbour with a beer for the driver! We cleaned the bugs off the coach, went for a short dip in the pool, then went over to their place for a drink. They are local Californians out for the weekend to celebrate a birthday. We chose not to golf at the resort but to take the discount for the site instead.

We were on the road by 9 am the next day. We stopped at Durango RV in Red Bluff, our favourite RV Resort in this area, for two nights. They have a very nice hot tub. The pool wasn't open yet because it's too early. Sunday we decided to drive to Redding. We took the highways off the GPS and went the back way. It takes about twice as long as driving the 30 miles on I-5 would take. When we'd driven about a half hour, on some gravel road and through a pasture, we got back on I-5 only to discover we'd only gone half way! We got to In-N-Out Burger just as a busload of hungry high school students arrived. We left and came back a while later and they were just about finished. This is the most northerly location for In-N-Out and we try to stop for one last meal on our way by. We will miss it!

As we were bringing in the big slide on Monday morning, we discovered it had started to pull the rubber seal away from the frame. We got it all the way in and headed for Eugene. On the way Larry talked to RV Corral (recommended by Tiffin) and they could get us in the next morning to repair it. We stayed at Premier RV Resort for the night. It's so easy, we don't even have to unhook the car. We left the slide in for the night just in case. We were at RV Corral bright and early. Remember the 34 feet of rubber seal that we didn't use in Chino? Well it came in handy here. They used most of it. We went for a late breakfast to a diner just down the street and they had the work finished by 1 pm.

We had worked out that we would stay at Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn WA on Tuesday night. There was lots of room and it was easy to find. There was lots of security driving around as well. In the morning we went to the UPS Supply Chain Solutions Centre to pick up the new Traeger Li'l Texas Smoker Grill that we had purchased at the drag races in Las Vegas in November. They eventually cleared us to go in as they don't normally deal with the public for pickups. Since this is a big truck facility, it was easy to maneuver. We unhooked the car, took off the bike, removed the scooter and anything else, backed up to the loading door. They loaded it all in, we put everything back, the bike back on and hooked up the car. The car was stuffed to the rafters at this point!

Then it was off to Ferndale WA. We usually stop here because with our Holiday Trails membership we don't have to pay and it's a good place to get your receipts in order and get rid of the fresh fruits and veg (the lady in the office took the little bit we had left). We went for Greek food for dinner. We were in no rush to be away in the morning so we took our time. When we got to the Peace Arch Border, there were about a dozen cars in each of three lanes. We noticed eventually that no one was moving, not even the NEXUS lane. We waited for about a half hour then the traffic started to move again. When we got up to the window, the agent asked where we were from, where we'd come from, how much we were bringing back. No details and didn't want to see the receipts. Larry asked her if there had been an incident and all she said was yup!

We arrived at Pacific Border RV Park and it was like old home week. We haven't been here for two years but a lot of the same people are still here. Vicky put us in a lovely site (36) in the back corner. We were lucky to get that site. Rain, rain, rain and more rain! It rained most of the week we were there. We had a number of errands to do in the area and got all those done while we were here. We met friends at Kiki's for dinner then went to Golden Lion for Chinese one night as well. The same people still own/work at each place so it was nice to see them. Then the next night we went to the Onyx Steak House in White Rock with Jim and Bobbie who were staying in the area in their RV. Larry grew up with Jim in Estevan SK.

Then it's on to Sechelt for a few weeks.

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