Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Start of the Mississippi sign

Not so muddy here

Rushing water that starts the river.

The boys at the Headwaters of the Mississippi

Through the marshes

On its way to the Gulf of Mexico

Visitor's Center

Bike riding

Beaver Lodge

View from our campsite

We have travelled to Itasca Lake State Park in Minnesota where the Mississippi River begins. Who'da thunk? Well it does. We only had a short way to travel (2 hrs) and got here at about 10:30 AM. The lady at the admin. station said there would probably be room at the campground but we could not get in until 4 pm. Questioning why so long she told me the state of Minnesota was shut down for 20 days and today was the first day the park has been open in about 3 weeks. Yikes. Imagine if we had driven all this way (two days of travel) and not been able to get into the park? What a stroke of luck. Anyway, this is a beautiful park and we have a lake side site. We spent our time biking about 5 miles on the paved paths, swimming (even Shirley went in for the first time on the trip!) The visitor center at the headwaters was very neat and the actual beginning of the Mississippi River can be seen coming from the lake. This morning we did a 3 mile hike and an hour Kayaking trip and are hanging around until abut 2 PM to leave (Check out time isn't until 4). Then heading back east a bit to visit our college BF'er friend Annette Vertalino in Minneapolis where we will be for the weekend. Enjoy the pics.

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