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Kuta Beach in Bali.

Those sets were coming in big and fast!!!

A little look right. There's a storm'a'comin!

Again today we still feeling rough but are gradually on the mend.

We ventured out to attempt some lunch today but worringly for the Bali Restauranteers our appetites are still down so we didn't eat anything big. Ok except me who managed a grilled chicken burger, but other than that we didn't have anything. Except Emma who had 2 bit of garlic bread. Ok happy now!?!?!

We spent a few hours conserving energy sitting in front of the internet trying to catch up on the journal.

Our 'usual' internet place had a wierd squeeking noice coming from the wall. After we inquired as to what it was, we were told quite matter of factly that it was "just a kitten that had fallen down a gap in the wall. Don't worry it'll stop in a few days". We decided to find a different internet place after that!!!

We had beans on toast for dinner and another early night.

Rock on.


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