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Site 112 Mission Bay RV Resort

Mission Bay Golf Course







Dan in a tree

Larry, Maureen, Rick and Dan

San Diego skyline

Airplane landing

Seaport Village

Interesting vehicle in the Mission Bay Park parking lot


Buddha in Old Town


Seeley Stable Museum - Old Town


First B-train

Studebaker wagon

Wild burro

Pier at Ocean Beach

The original Hodad's

The line-up at 11:45

Pruning the palm trees in Oceanside


Near Del Mar

MV22 Osprey

Sea lion at La Jolla Cave


La Jolla Cave


Pier at Pacific Beach




San Diego Safari Park - silk floss tree

Oscillated Turkey


Flamingos - Maureen in her safari hat!

Fruit bat

Fruit bats

View of the park

Balloon Safari


Sleeping lion

Now he's awake!

His wife and kids


White Rhinos

Dirty White Rhino

Black Rhino




Wild Buffalo

Another view of the valley

Tour feeding the giraffes

Unfortunately the gorillas weren't available today!


Gotta love the meerkats!


The walkway to the Tigers


Spotted him in the bushes and thought he was going to lie...


He posed especially for us!



This is Cliff!


Unsettled weather

Lots of rain in there!

Lovely pink tree

Porcupines at Sea World

Monitor Lizard

Caribbean Flamingos


Pet Potbellied Pig at Pets Rule Show

Journey to Atlantis ride - we BOTH went on it!



We got very wet

Very wet


Polar bears












Stuffed Penguin!


Dolphin Stadium


A human trick...


This dolphin is only 4 months old


Another human trick!

Pilot Whale


Dolphin skiing



Shark Encounter




Another pen of flamingos

Manta Ray


Sea Turtle


Green Sea Turtle

Shamu Stadium






Back stroke



The little one is only 2 1/2 months old. All these whales...



People got very wet here too!


Lots of stroller parking throughout the park

After the show

Underwater viewing


San Diego Zoo - March 5 - mother and baby orangutan

Mother sleeping

Mother and baby - the baby has its hand on mother's forehead

This guy was right at the glass interacting with a woman in...

Amazing sight - baby gorilla born December 26

We were so lucky to see the pair - they only come...



Mother gently pulling the baby off her back

Looking for lunch

Pygmy hippo

Inside the Scripps Aviary


Huge mutli-level aviary


Bobono with a funny hat

This one was eating all the good stuff while the kids played

Another baby

Huge hippo snoozing at the glass



From the bus tour - peacock on the roof

Hippo from the bus


This guy was performing for the bus passengers!


Bull elephant



California Condor



Pink Tulip Tree

Komodo Dragon

Galapagos Tortoise - came to the zoo in the 1920's

Alligator and turtles

Snowy egret

Horned tortoise

A type of magnolia





Cockroaches in the Bughouse

Museum of Man from the Skyfari

Maureen on the Skyfari



Mountain Lion

The return trip on the Skyfari

Scripps Aviary from the air


Our ship the Spirit of San Diego for our 2 hour harbour...

First the north half - the Spirit of India

The Maritime Museum

Marine exercises

The Bali Hai - one of the first restaurants on the San...


Marine communications tower

Brown pelican

The bait dock


This sub just arrived

Marine floating drydock


Retired fighter jets

Retired seahawk

Current seahawks ready to fly

The USS America - first amphibious assault ship delivered in 2014

Several small boats created a perimeter

This was the lead boat - going backwards

We had to stop and wait for her to pass

USS Ronald Reagan - Nimitz-class nuclear-powered super carrier - she is in...

This is where the crew stays while in the repair

Now the southern loop - the USS Midway Museum

The bridge to Coronado Island - it's own city


More naval exercises

Looking towards the southern end of the harbour - the last two...

50 docks at this part of the naval base

Stealth Destroyer - doesn't show up in photos

A tri-maran in drydock

This dual hulled prototype is for sale

The Star Luster had been unloading fertilizer for a few days

Now ready to leave

This boat brings bananas to the US

Tallest masted sailing ship (300 ft) owned by a Texan, of course!

Beautiful skyline

Commercial fishing boat

We arrived in San Diego on February 9 after an uneventful drive from the NHRA Race Track in Pomona. We're back in our favourite site (112) which has a nice grassy piece between it and the bathrooms. Dan and Rick (from home) had seen us coming from the golf course and met us at the registration area. They had happy hour ready for us once we got set up. That was nice!

In all the times we've been to Mission Bay, we'd never played on the golf course almost right next door! On February 12 we played the front nine with Dan and Rick. It wasn't the greatest golf you've ever seen that's for sure but a lot of fun with a nice glass of beer at the end. It was sunny, of course, with a lovely cooling breeze.

On the 13th we went to the same place as last year to get our hair cut (third time lucky - he was closed the first 2 times we stopped by). We should have listened to the message - the cuts were not as good this year. On the 14th we went into the city and ended up at Seaport Village. We got a handicapped parking space right at the front. It's a lovely stroll around the shops. We rarely buy anything - we did stop for lunch - shared fish and chips. We went to PB Sushi, our favourite sushi stop, for dinner. They have 20% off your bill between 3 and 7 so we always get there before 7. We sat at the sushi bar and watched as he made three massive rolls for us - Ocean Beach Roll (a baked California roll with about 50 small scallops and eel sauce on top with spicy mayo on the side), Shrimp Tempura roll (a California roll with tempura shrimp inside with crunch and eel sauce on top) and a Sun of the Beach roll (inside-shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado and on top- raw albacore tuna strips, crab mixed with spicy mayo drizzled with sesame oil topped with chopped tempura shrimp and crunch). Egad! Stuffed!

On February 16 ShadePro came and replaced all the awnings on the slides. They looked great. They had made the wrong one for the awning over the door so they had to come back. They did that on the 28th.

On the 21st Larry turned 62! We spent the afternoon at Old Town, happy hour at our place with Dan and Rick, and then went for dinner with Dan and Rick to Saska's, where we had gone last year. Another great dinner! No singing of the birthday day song though.

On the 23rd we drove up to San Marcos to Camping World then over to the coast, coming out at Carlsbad on Hwy 78. We went up as far as Oceanside then back down the "back" way through La Jolla to the park. On the 24th we wandered Pacific Beach. On the 25th we went back up I-15 to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. This is a very well done part of the Zoo. We wandered the southern part of the park first down to the tram station which we took out and around the African Plains. We came back up (by elevator) and went to the Mombasa Cooker Snack Shack for lunch then went around the northern side of the park. We had an especially great encounter with the tiger on the Tiger Trail. The Condor Trail was closed as was the Gorilla Forest. When we felt we'd seen it all we left - Larry's scooter worked perfectly.

On the 26th we went for dinner with Dan and Rick to Isa.Bella. It is just down the street from our local Costco and we had checked it out one day for a beer - they have a wonderful Craft Beer selection. Happy hour is from 4-6:30 and if you order a pitcher of beer you get a free cheese pizza (or $10 off any other pizza). They also have $6 appies. We got there in plenty of time and ordered garlic wings, bruschetta and fried mac n cheese balls. After we'd finished those we ordered two pizzas - one cheese and one pepperoni, mushroom and black olive. All excellent! And we had two towers of beer! And on the patio!

On the 28th we discovered Point Loma Seafood. We bought some raw GIGANTIC prawns. It was incredibly busy and they had an amazing display of fish and seafood. Dan and Rick came over for dinner. We had tenderloin bites and butterflied prawns stuffed with baby shrimp, asparagus and hollandaise, and sweet potatoes with maple syrup and pecans. They were leaving the next day. Such a great visit with them. We'll certainly catch up with them again in our travels. March 2 it rained...and rained...and rained. It cleaned everything off, including the car. We noticed that the new awning toppers had held a lot of water and had to be very careful bringing the slides in so the fabric didn't go inside the slides. That took about a 1/2 hour.

On the 4th we went to Sea World. Larry had earned free passes (value of $89 each) through training with his travel agency so we spent most of the day there. Thanks again to Larry's scooter we saw everything. We watched the Dolphin Show (including a 4 month old youngster) which is mostly a human-trick show and the Orca Show (including a 2 month old baby). The trainers don't get in the water with the whales anymore. All of these whales have been born here so they could never be released into the wild.

On the 5th we went to the zoo, using our membership we had purchased last year (this also covered our admission to the Safari Park). We had the southern half of the zoo to see so we did that first, catching the shuttle up the hill. We went to Sydney's Grille for fish and chips for lunch (really good). We then went on the bus tour (as members we had a 2 for 1 pass - $11 total). After that we went to the Children's Zoo and the Bughouse then on the Skyfari - free unlimited with the membership. It was definitely worth our while buying the membership last year. It's a great zoo. The staff and volunteers are very helpful and friendly. Again, the scooter worked perfectly.

March 7th we went to Blue Water Seafood. You can buy fresh fish here or eat in. The line up was out the door when we arrived and again when we left. You stand in line to order. Just before you place your order the waitress tells what table to sit at. You order then go sit at your table. The food takes quite a while but definitely worth the wait. Most of the fish is grilled, not a lot of fried food here. This was recommended to us by the guy who replaced our slide toppers.

March 8 we discovered that friends from Vernon, Dave and Phyllis, were in the park so we had a happy hour with them on the 9th. The 9th was a great way to finish up our time in San Diego. We went for a two hour harbour cruise in the morning - a Groupon - 2 for $27. Then we went for Chowder for lunch to Anthony's Grotto Fishette just along the pier. After that we went to Costco to stock up on tri-tip and cheese. The we golfed the back 9 at Mission Bay. Maureen thinks she's figured something out about her stroke (or lack thereof)! Then happy hour with Dave and Phyllis and PB Sushi one last time for the same order as last time. We had only had a two hour drive to M&M Coach in Chino on the 10th so we didn't leave until 2 pm. An uneventful drive with the bulk of the rush hour traffic going the other direction.

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