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I had a lossy nights sleep. Mum had a good nights sleep so at least one of us will be good for the day. I was really tired at first but came to life when I should have been sleeping. Always the way. I'm up for another big day of driving to so not happy about the lack of decent zzzz's.

After paying for our accommodation and repacking the car, we headed towards Cape Reinga. Nanna said that we had to go as she went there when in NZ. The weather didn't bold well for us but we decided to go anyway.

Unfortunately the closer we got to it, the worse the weather became. The last stretch of the trip was on unsealed road. We were both very surprised that it had not been sealed as it is obviously a big tourist attraction with lots of road traffic. Of course with the rain the roads had become muddy and slippery.

To add to our woes the fog was so thick that it was hard to see 20 feet ahead. Now also add idiot drivers who think that driving their cars through this mess without headlights is a good idea! People really make me wonder.

At least when it got the worst for us and we were no longer driving down the small hill but sliding sideways down it, the two cars coming towards us knew better and came to a stop. Glad they had there brains in gear because when a car is doing that all you can do hope and realise that you may soon be in the ditch.

It was the most hair-raising 20 km I had driven in this entire trip and we almost didn't get there as I wanted to stop and turn around more than once. The worst of it was I had seen the other side of the road and it was a lot worse with much more clay and mud. The tour buses had made nice big mess of it and I can honestly say that I was very tempted to break the car lease contract and ask Mum to drive back.

We arrived and got out to have a look. Not much to be seen and was reminiscent of our trip through Edinborough. But at least we can say we have been there and now can also officially say we got to the bottom AND the top.

Fortunately for me, the never ending cross winds had begun to clear the fog and dry a bit of the road. It was still not pleasant by a long shot and I would not wish to do it again. I let those fools pass when they caught up with me as it was not hard of them to do as I was taking it very gingerly. I was in a piece of shit car with front wheel drive that had already shown us that it wasn't road worthy, and not in a 4WD like most of them!

On our way back, we decide to pull in and see several of the attractions we paced on the way there. The first was the Gumdiggers. It's were trees were dug around by people known as Gumdiggers for, of course, the gum. It's very old and worth a lot of money. People came from all over as many hoped to make their fortunes in it. The set up was pretty good and it's not bad to immerse yourself in history every know and then. Due to the prices of the stuff we didn't buy anything but we enjoyed it.

The next stop was to see the 45,000 year old staircase. Well the wood is that old. It was dug up as a lot of the wood in the area has been and this certain one was turned into the stairwell. Bloody fantastic and if I ever get mega rich, I want one.

Some of the other stuff that was for sale like a wooden seat, was sold...for around $20,000. Wholly moley! Well I may want to be rich enough to buy that sort of stuff without a second thought but I still don't think I could ever justify the purchase.

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