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Mt Taranaki or Mt Fuji in the film The Last Samuri

Brian looking happy crossing a freezing river

The guard dogs and the volcano

The volcano again just in case you missed the first one

Don't we look beautiful in our designer gear

Brian and Nicola the dairy farmer

Artistic shot

Artistic shot 2

Our first breakfast with Nik and Shane (Shane cooked it btw)

Makes herding cows beautiful

Drenching cattle Brian was next

The Bennets and the muscle ute

Cause it's beautiful

Cause it's beautiful2

Buddy was its name

It's a dogs life - these were the guard dogs :)

A place where something special was going to occur

Tiger watch out here he comes

Ssshhhh please game on

Oh look at it go

Men cooking as usual :)

Yep it's a big hill

New Plymouth Beach

Another view of the same beach

Errr did anyone see my building

Teachers today take note - and be thankful

Teachers today take note 2

Whose been a naughty boy then

Nik jigging to the music baby

Isn't she lovely (Stevie Wonder's words not mine)

What a pair (The greengrocer's words not mine

Alright guv where's the fire then

Are you talkin to me?

Look at me mum

Close up fungus

Andrea in jail

Nik in jail after Andrea was there :)

Look at the cloud over the volcano

Down in one - what a man

It's where the local bikes hang out

Flower close up


It's where the local mugs hang out

Hello missy

Chopper wonder dog and king of Taranaki

The Lonely Planet describes Mount Taranaki/Egmont as the following: "The Taranki region is dominated by the massive cone of 2518m Taranaki, a dormant volcano that looks remarkably like Japan's Mount Fuji or the Philippines' Mayon."

Apparently it erupted 350 years ago spreading lava flows down to the Tasman Sea below. It's a unique spot where if you are standing one way you see the fantastic snow capped volcano and if you turn around 180o you see the huge waves crashing in on black sandy beaches along what is known as the "Surf Highway" #45. Stunning. Also, some say if you could see the mountain, it's going to rain. If you couldn't see it, it was already raining!!! or snowing which was the case when we were there. Sounds like good ole Ireland!

We stayed for a week with a fantastic couple on their dairy farm near Rahotu - a friend we met on tour in China and her hubby who was equally as fun! Nicola and Shane made us feel right at much so that we were out herding, drenching, tagging, etc. cattle as they got them ready to "dry off" (aka quit milking). It was a great time and good to have a change of pace from the touring.

While we were there, we also found time for some golf - the most unique course we've ever been to where they had a flock of sheep "employed" to keep the fairways well groomed. Don't worry, they were safe with our golfing skills!!! There was a little electric fence 5 inches off the ground around the greens protecting them. However, the golf trolley's wheels needed a good wash after they had picked up what the sheep had left behind! Classy!

We did some day trips to New Plymouth and a local historical village where it was back to school for Nic and Brian! Check out what the rules for teachers were back then. Could you have stuck it??? Oh yes, and this is where Andrea had a change of hair colour. Yup...not only is it short now, but it is also red with blonde highlights!

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