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Setting up registration

Need to be organized for 180 people

Teaching T-shirt Braiding

Hard at work

A proud Susan with her finished product

Chili cookoff

Our judges hard at work

Linda keeping it all together

Pot Luck chow down

My Green Chili & Chicken Casserole

JC picking up Bob for golf...I don't think he has done this...

Zipline company...Wahoo!

Our motley group ready to go

Are we sure we want to do this...oh yes!

Flying with a partner

We are having fun now

Family Feud RV Style

JC, Howard, Renea & LInda

Me, Howard & Linda

This was a crazy party



My honey

Howard Dad, Howard, Howards Mom & Linda

Way too much fun

A very nice big mouth bass

This is a beaver on the other bank

There is goes...swimming away.

Plenty for two

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Tea Party Game

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Zipline- Flying upside down!!

Registration started about 2 pm. Your name is checked off a list, you get a very nice tote bag with an agenda, pen, and candy. They are typically called "Goodie Bags". If you pre-ordered a souvenir T-Shirt, now is when you picked it up. There were other things for sale; Hats, Cookbooks, some of Linda's handmade jewelry.

The first night's dinner was catered followed by an "ice breaker" designed to get everyone to mingle and meet new people. Tonights activity was a came called the "Tea Party". A tea bag was taped to each side of a baseball cap brim. the object was to get both tea bags on top of the brim. What a hoot!! It was really fun and not as easy as it sounds. I have included a short video of some of the players in action. Tomorrow we start the classes.

Day 2:

Classes started promptly at 9am. The class topics are all geared for individuals that are interested in full time RVing. The attendees are a mix of those that want to do it and are fact finding, those that are just waiting for their house to sell or are waiting until they retire. There are those that have just started full timing. Anywhere from weeks to months. And, then there was the mix of a year or more. The last week of June will mark our 4th year. Wow, time really is flying by.

Much of the information dispensed in these classes are review for us, but we always manage to learn something. Besides providing information for wannabees and newbies, RV-Dreamers are a community of people that are like-minded in pursuing the RV lifestyle. A community that establishes lasting friendships and teaches you how to have fun in case you forgot.

Tonight's dinner was a Chili Cook-off. There were around 25-27 entries. That is way too much chili to try to judge. So 10 entries were chosen by lottery and a winner was chosen. Many of the other attendees brought all the good stuff to dress-up the chile: sour cream, cheese, onion, etc. And then, there was the desert table. Yum.

After dinner, we had a "Show & Tell" session of our favorite RV Gadget that we may have purchased or made ourselves. Again, lots of fun and interesting.

Day 3:

Class started at 9am. Today's sessions covered everything from buying and RV, choosing a home base, insurance, working on the road and TV.

Dinner was potluck. Everyone participated. Lots and lots of variety. One bad thing about pot lucks is that many dishes are full of carbs. JC did pretty good staying on track with his diet. He is getting so svelte. We need to buy him some new jeans.

Tonights activity was "Family Feud". The questions were all about Rving and it's many topics. JC was on the fence about staying for the fun but I insisted that we needed to stay. We were really glad that we did. This rally has been way too much fun. I don't think we will ever be the same or look at rallies in the same way.

Day 4:

Today was a "free" day. No classes or schedule. Howard coordinated another golf outing which is how JC spent his free day. I hooked up with a bunch of others and went Ziplining. In case, you don't know what that is...A series of cables are strung through the trees, usually in mountains and sometimes over rivers. You wear a harness that attaches to the cable and you go flying through the trees from one platform to another. It is very cool. I have included a short video of me flying upside down.

Day 5:

Class started a little earlier today (8am). The class was about boondocking and solar. Then choosing campgrounds and RV parks. There are so many ways to find a campground, and so many out there. Next was how to you pack your RV for full-timing. The last thing on the agenda was a presentation from a participant about traveling to Alaska. Bill Napier has just done a trip last summer. It was interesting to hear about the roads and some of the do's and don'ts. Bill goes to Alaska with caravans. We are still planning to go the Summer of 2012. We are still hoping another couple will join us. We will see.

The afternoon has been set aside for rig walk-thrus. This is voluntary. It is always fun to show of your own living quarters and even more fun to see what other people have done to make their rig homey and livable.

Dinner was catered and very good. These facilities are really nice. The staff goes the extra mile make things nice, convenient and yummy.

The evenings entertainment is a theme party: The good old 70's. Flower children and John Travolta! What a hoot. Almost everyone participated by showing up in costume. Howard & Linda had a DJ to keep things going. The music was awesome. We had a really good time.

Day 6:

This is the last day. The catered breakfast was great. Saying goodbye was not so easy. It was a delightfully busy and exhausting week. We have been ruined for all other rallies. This was by far the most fun we have ever had. Every rally is different and all have their purpose.

In the afternoon JC did a little fishing. Well he has been throwing a line in the creek behind us all week. Well, his persistence finally paid off. He caught himself a great looking big mouth bass. Plenty for two. I think the beaver on the other bank was a little miffed.

This year is the first year that Howard & Linda are having a second rally. It will be held in Hershey, PA. We are already signed up.

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