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Our hiking buddies Chantal, Caspar, from Netherlands, and Neta, from Israel. Celebrating...

Chantal's birthday party, organized by Caspar.

Kyla standing outside of the International Mountaineering Museum in Pokhara.

Small row boats all lined up on Pokhara lake.

Us at the top of the hour hike, at the World Peace...

Probably the most interesting thing at the World Peace Pagoda, on the...

Kyla crushing the World Peace Pagoda.

After a lot of chilling in Pokhara we are moving on (and after far too many visits to the travel agent...on account of the standard power outages). We promise to soon find an opporunity to upload some Annapurna photos and stories.

So tomorrow we depart for a 2 day rafting trip along the Seti River, followed by three days in Chitwan National Park for some safari action, and then finally 2 days in Kathmandu. The embassy is aware of all of this.

After that we will head out for a very brief 4 days in Dehli/Agra, India, with a quick over night at the Uzbekistan airport on our way to Tel Aviv.

Warning to patental units - do yourself a favour and do not google search any of the above as it will simply result in a lot of needless worry:)

Really - we have already overcome an overnight "sleep" on a bench at the Turkish/Bulgarian border, survived the Turkish anxiety re: the Iraqi border, ignored male hissing at Kyla for simply wearing a skirt that fell below her knees, managed to make it through the Nepalese election and Tibetan protests, and also survived Mochi eating at New Years in Japan. What can't we handle?

Seriously we are going to be very safe and sound!

Thinking of so many of you. We really have become sentimental re: home recently.


Kyla and Nick

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