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A foggy morning on February 1

About an hour out of Phoenix it cleared up

All set up in time for Superbowl at Prado Regional Park Site...

Scarlet Tanager

Ground Squirrel



At M&M having the awning replaced

Patiently waiting in the shade

Our set-up trackside



Sunset on the 4th

Dinner on the 4th - flank steak rolled with fresh spinach and...

Some firemen stopped by to watch out on the street

Blimp flying over

Skylar Blades

New track record for Shawn Langdon, Top Fuel

Guy Fieri has lent his Knuckle Sandwich brand to a dragster


We were walking behind this guy - in the morning!

BBqd bologna for dinner!

Maureen in her protective gear - sound and sun!

Sun setting on John Force's weekend

On the track walk Sunday morning

Tony Schmacher walked too

Our coach

Larry taking a picture of our campsite


Timing cone

Matt Hagan ended up winning the Funny Car class - he was...

The Christmas Tree

Having the nitro washed off along a neighbourhood street

We left Surprise AZ at 8:15 MST on February 1 in very thick fog. There was an amazing amount of traffic considering it was Sunday. About an hour out, it was sunny again. We arrived at Prado Regional Park in Chino CA about 2:30 PST (after two stops for fuel - to make sure it was topped up and a stop for lunch - grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches), just in time to set up for the Superbowl. One of us was disappointed in the result and one was not. We had scoped out this site the last time were here - it's farther from the women's prison (so no loud speakers) and looks out over fields.

On the 2nd we were at M&M Coach by 8:30. They had to finish the previous job (replace the awning) and fix a couple of other things. We left it there and went for breakfast. We had been to Flo's last time and it didn't disappoint. When we got there, there were empty tables. When we left there were at least 20 people waiting! It just shows how good it is. They have excellent homemade jam. Peach is a new flavour and they will soon be selling it. We whined we were from Canada and could we buy some now? She sold us a styrofoam container full. The repair guys had finished the work by noon, took an hour lunch, then the "owner" took two hours to create an invoice (which was wrong) and another hour to fix it. A lot of waiting around for basically nothing.

On the 3rd we stocked up on groceries for our days trackside at the NHRA Winternationals Drag Race. We were at the track just after 9 on the 4th. Everyone else gradually arrived during the day. Lots of people we had met in the fall were there again. We ate well and the races were good, lots of impressive side by side runs. When we were wandering through the pits on Thursday we stopped at Clay Millican's area. He runs top fuel and we used to watch him on Drag Race High. We've talked to him a few times in the past. While we were standing there a very nice young man came over to talk to us. They have a whole new crew this year and Skylar Blades is the youngest. He's from Illinois and talked to us for quite a while, he was so excited to tell his story. He started racing at 6 years old has come up through the Junior Dragster system, ran Bracket Racing in a hot rod he built and his goal is to drive a Top Fuel Dragster sometime in the future. We told him his name was probably very marketable! We are now friends on Facebook and will keep in touch with him.

Over the winter there were quite a few changes to teams. John Force is no longer sponsored by Ford but now by Chevrolet as well Castrol dropped their sponsorship and Peak Anti-Freeze and Lucas Oil picked John up. The Al-Anabi team, who is owned by Allen Johnson Racing and used to run two top fuel cars, was sponsored fully by a Sheik from Qatar. As late as a month before the season started, the Sheik pulled his sponsorship. Guy Fieri has stepped up and put his Knuckle Sandwich brand on the one and only car they are running this year driven by Shawn Langdon. Shawn put up a 3.70 run which is a new track record and won the Wally Trophy on Sunday.

We both did the track walk Sunday morning. It's very sticky but Larry's scooter was able to lay down some rubber!

We left the track on Monday the 9th about 9:15. We had arranged to have the coach washed because it was very dirty - both from Arizona and from track dirt and Nitro Fuel. We pulled up and met the washer guy Russell on a residential street in Chino. We had been there 15 minutes when a police car pulled up and told Russell that someone had called to complain there was someone living in a motor home on their street. Everyone was laughing by the time the officer left.

We then hit the road for San Diego, going out to Newport Beach and driving along the coast for a bit. We arrived at our favourite RV park, Mission Bay RV Resort (and site) around 3:30.

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