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Distance: 106km

The ride was long and monotonous. It was the type of riding Myles likes to just get over with, and I become demotivated by, slowly losing myself in my head and intermittently forgetting to pedal. Consequently, Myles was a cute little red dot on the horizon for most of the way, except when he disappeared from view entirely. He always waited for me whenever he got too far ahead, albeit his expression upon my meeting up with him was that of mild frustration - justifiably so (a case of a Gemini meeting a Taurus).

We arrived in Tha Khek in late afternoon, and made our way to 'the' guesthouse in town. It had an amazing feel to it, with large wooden windows, beautiful furniture, and comfortable common areas. It was really sad to see all that potential getting wasted and neglected - but perhaps letting go and letting be is not a bad way to go. Impermanence of things is about the only thing one can depend on.

Originally we were thinking of doing 'the Loop' on our bikes. A ride off the beaten path that many folks choose to complete on rented scooters. We learned that due to recent road construction and logging in the area, there are a lot of trucks on the dusty road. Sand, rocks and long distances between accommodations also influenced our decision not to do the Loop. However, one should not underestimate the desire to take the easy way after over 10 months on the road. We did just that. We took it easy.

Tha Khek has little to offer. It is a rather charmless little place, although we could have spent a little more time exploring it. Instead we finished a few books and enjoyed the company of one beautiful canine family (mom, dad, 3 girl puppies and one boy) that hung out around the guesthouse. Myles gave a couple of them a bath. They all played together at the back of the guesthouse. In the evening we sat around a fire pit set up outside. It was a pretty relaxing place to spend a few days.

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