Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

View from our camground in Hancock

Just passin' thru outside our camper

Scenery on the way

Ft. Wilkins

Married enlisted men's barracks

Nice little marina

The dory to the light house

Cruisin' the harbor

Light House

Closer view

Light House grounds

Scenic overlook on our way south

Log Cabin dug out

Put us in coach

Yup, $10

Not bad

Yesterday was one of the more interesting and fun days we've had start to finish. We headed to the northern most point of Michigan, Copper Harbor. The first "rush" in the country was to Copper Harbor MI when copper was discovered in the hills, even before the gold rush. We stopped into Ft. Wilkins an Army post built in 1844 to keep the peace. After two years it was abandoned since there was no peace keeping need. The WPA restored the fort in the 30s and it again has been upgraded. It was very neat. After lunch in our camper we went on a boat ride to the Copper Harbor Light house. The ride was terrific. Beautiful day, a motorized dory put us virtually right on the water. We left this picturesque harbor and travelled to the light house. This light house and the one at Whitefish were the first built on Lake Superior. Our friend David Root was at one time a seaman on a great lakes freighter and knows all about this stretch of lake and the dangers it poses. The tour of the lighthouse was given by a guy dressed in the approved light keepers uniform circa 1920. He was very knowledgeable and made this event memorable. We then drove toward (but not to) the central time zone. We pulled into a town owned camp ground with 8 sites at this little cross roads called Bruce Corners. $10 for water and electric What a bargin! It has a baseball field with log cabin dugouts. Never seen that before. Nice little campground and there are only 2 other campers. One stopped down to chat and what an interesting fellow. After some general small talk we traded some specifics and he worked for Wide World of Sports in his career (in his 70's now) and did he have some great Olympic stories. We could have talked all night. I just had to call our friend Dave Slade who also shares Olympic Lake Placid memories. Start to finish a memorable day. NOW, on to the Central time zone as we begin our trek west. Enjoy the pics.

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