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If you are hungry why not head down to your local KFC...

Here is a place to boil your eggs in a hot spring...

Eggs boiling in a basket. 4 eggs for 20 Baht or about...

our room at R.C.N. at Chiang Mai

We went downstairs for breakfast and booked another night at the Best Western. We would not be returning until after 6:00 p.m. It was unfortunate that we ended up with two long travel days instead of one very long one, but the situation could not be helped.

We were waiting outside the front of the Best Western, and they were late in picking us up. The front desk came and got Mr. Cory because he had a phone call. It was the visa run people confirming we were there, and ready to go. I heard Cory and Elaine discussing how they would have the opportunity to discuss with some of the others on the Visa Run, some of the better things to see and do in Chiang Mai.

Finally the mini bus arrived, and we were the last two to hop on, and there was a group of three cranky old men, two younger single Americans, a Norwegian, an ex-biker American plus two Asian women. Apparently the driver had driven by the Best Western three times, and had no clue where to go. The three cranky men were quite vocal in expressing their displeasure. Elaine named them grumpy, grumpier, and grumpiest. Grumpy, Elaine nicknamed Whitey, for his head of white hair. He was unhappy, but the quietest of the three. Grumpier, was nicknamed Bill, because Bill seems like a good name for a balding guy with a pointy nose and beady eyes. Grumpiest was nicknamed Wizard, because he had mad, old man eyebrows, and he likes to mix things up.

So much for plans on getting information. After a while when we were well on our way, things did settle down.

After a couple of hours we stopped for a rest stop, and people had a chance to mingle, and that certainly helped to ease some of the tension and hostility.

We arrived at the Border, and Cory and Elaine had to pay their 500 Baht fine, for overstaying their visa. From here we crossed into Myanmar (Burma). Cory has long wanted to visit this country, but in some areas there is a lot of political turmoil, and travel is not advised. However, our feet were in the country and we had a few minutes to tour around the market, having heard prices are quite amazing. It took us no more than 5 steps into the market before eager sellers anxious to sell their products surrounded us. We were reminded of Egypt, and the high-pressure sellers. Cory and Elaine promptly decided to turn around and return to Thailand. We wanted to change some money, but the moneychangers would not change anything less than 1,000 Baht.

We re-entered Thailand and went for a bite to eat. Whitey, Bill, and one of the young Americans were very helpful in suggesting places to stay and things to do in Chiang Mai. As we drove around dropping everyone off, we were checking out a few of the places.

We arrived back at the Best Western around 7:00 p.m. to find that the restaurant was closed, and there is nothing nearby. We snacked on some food we had picked up, watched some TV and went to sleep. Tomorrow we could wake up when we were done sleeping.

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