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Today we made a shopping trip the 50 or so miles into Rapid City. Dick rode along with us so that he could stop at Lowe's to purchase the material needed for our new shelves. We stopped and met Tim Iverson, from to pick up seats for the Paddleski. Larry thought there was a possibility that we might return home in time to use them on the lake later in the day. I laughed at him, as I know that every trip into Rapid is an all day affair. We wound up spending 6 1/2 hours in town! Of course, we shopped at the local RV store, Sam's Club, Wal-Mart and Lowes. And had a bite to eat. We actually spent a great deal of our time waiting for the guys at Lowe's to saw our shelving and trim for us. It will be worth it though. Nice clean cuts, and we're trying to make this job as easy as possible for Dick. It's wonderful that he allows us to put things on his 'Dick List'! That's what he and wife Lou call it...too funny!

A large thunderstorm hit while we were in Lowe's and it was a dark, windy drive home for my honey. Fortunately, we missed most of the actual rain, but the roads were plenty wet. And fortunately, there weren't many deer out this evening. Always a concern when driving after dark in this area. We arrived back home at 10pm and it had obviously stormed hard here as well. Jack & Barb had taken my hanging flower pot down for me and placed it under the 5'er for protection against the winds. Thanks guys, I appreciate that. It got pretty beat up in the rain and hail we had two evenings before in the middle of the night. And I wasn't about to brave the elements to save it at 3am!

Tomorrow we are having our last evening together with Jack & Barb. They are heading back to Ohio on Wednesday morning. I am preparing Mexican food for dinner and hopefully the weather will co-operate for one last campfire. I can't believe they (and we) have been here two weeks already. Time sure passes quickly. We've enjoyed visiting with these wonderful folks once again. Have I mentioned that Jack's mother Ann is here with them also? A very young 86 years. Sharp as a tack and a very sweet lady. Ann actually resides in Arizona, so it's wonderful that she is able to occasionally travel with them to the Black Hills. Wish my parents were healthy enough to travel with us. When I was young they took my sisters and I camping quite a bit. I have wonderful memories of those trips, with a few negative aspects thrown in for good measure. Like how much I HATED the powdered milk Mom always brought along for our cereal. Or how the wind always seemed to blow while we were outside eating our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. With dirt stuck in them for good measure! Ah, memories...Dad's always asking Mom where we are, how's the weather and where are we going next! I think he likes to travel along vicariously with us. In fact, he's traveled much of the U.S., so he's familiar with many of the places we visit. But parents worry about their children, no matter what their age. Just goes with the territory!

Oh, one last note. Mom sold our couch! Good job Mom. So that ends the discussion about leaving it in or taking it out! Larry might never admit it, but he likes the new arrangement also. His chair is in a better position for viewing his evening TV! LOL

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