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Snow on Big Bear

The accident scene on I-10

Coming through Palm Springs there was a big cloud of dust

This dog loved hanging his head out of the window through Brawley

Site 11, Yuma Palms

Amazing lights in the resort




Our table for Christmas Dinner

The stage

Some went all out with decorating

Our turkey - provided and cooked by the resort

Hine and Olwyn setting up the food table


Hine and Olwyn


He wasn't doing it right so Hine went up and sang

The carcass simmering

Lunch with the Swan Lake crew

Greg, Lothar and Lynn

Vivian, Hine and Olwyn

We headed for Yuma as early as we could (which really wasn't very early). We went I-710 to Hwy 91, to I-10, to Hwy 86, to I-8. We had a crazy experience on the drive, just outside of Redlands, on I-10. We were in the middle of six lanes. A police car with lights flashing came up on the far left lane. The car in front of him took a long time to move over. As soon as it did, the police car starting swerving from far left to far right, slowing down as he did it. In the distance we could see a CHP motorcycle with lights flashing off to the left side with a small car facing towards us. We slowed and slowed until he brought all six lanes to a stop. When it appeared the older couple in the car were ok, and with a signal from the CHP officer, the police car pulled over to the left and let us proceed. Perhaps a flat tire on the small car? It looked like it had hit the median on the shoulder of the right lane and gone all the way to the left. Scary! But how brave of the officer in the car!

The rest of the drive was uneventful. We stopped at Red Earth Casino on the West side of the Salton Sea for fuel and lunch. The food was good at the little cafe. We arrived at The Palms about 3:30 (4:30 AZ time). We went for dinner at Da Boyz with Ken and Mavis. Excellent Italian food - huge Caesar salad between the four of us and pasta or pizza.

On the 23rd we touched base with our friends Hine and Olwyn just a few sites down who are from Swan Lake. We went over and saw the Denglers at Sun Vista. We went for lunch with them to Lutes Casino on the 24th - excellent combo burgers! They were impressed. Maureen went to the clubhouse for a candlelight service, including Communion. Christmas Day we talked to both boys - Aaron in Guatemala, Kelly, Pat & Steve in Victoria. We had to put our dishes on our table at the clubhouse early so as to get a good seat so did that at 10 am. We went over to the clubhouse at 3:30 in time for the turkey to be pulled out and placed on our food table. Mark was the carver. Tons of food, all very good. Maureen made a large green bean casserole and it all went. She was thrilled she got to bring the carcass home for soup. We stayed until 7 listening to the music.

The next day we just relaxed. The weather has taken a chilly turn not getting much over 15C (60F) during the day and down near zero (32F) at night. On the 27th we went to Algodones for Omeprazol, vanilla, a haircut and margaritas. We were only there for about an hour. On the 28th, along with Hine and Olwyn, we met two other couples (Greg & Lynn, Lothar & Vivian) from Swan Lake for lunch at Applebees. On the 30th we had the coach washed and waxed and the carpets cleaned by Dave's Auto Detailing. It took them almost 3 hours. Then we went to Lutes with Ken and Mavis - they are heading back home to Vernon on the 1st for her surgery date. They're always a lot of fun. Ken will turn 80 on the 5th. It rained a bit in the night.

New Year's Eve we got together with Hine and Olwyn at their neighbours across the street, Mark and Valerie, at about 3:30. It was nice of them to host us all inside as the wind was up again and it was too cold to sit outside. Maureen brought appies. Other neighbours who just arrived in the park - Nora and Fraser - also joined us in time for dinner at 5:00. They had driven through snow between Searchlight and Needles and were exhausted! Olwyn made boneless chicken thighs in a mushroom and onion gravy, mashed potatoes and there was a broccoli salad. Hine made a dessert and Nora brought some goodies too. We were home by 7:00...and in bed by 10:30! We were sure it was midnight somewhere.

Happy New Year! Travel day on the 1st.

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