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This morning we headed off a bit earlier than yesterday but figured we had more distance to travel and the roads can be very time consuming. That they were as well. Bends and turns so what would take two hours back home to drive, takes almost double that here.

Saw quite a few more people taking chances with others lives driving like idiots. The speed limit is less than they want to travel but more than they are capable of doing well. It's amazing how many over estimate their abilities. Of course it's also hilarious when you have one of these jerks who almost drive you of the road, get stuck behind two big old trucks. Ahhh, it's the little things in life I get the biggest kicks from!

The scenery was of course wonderful and we took those chances of being behind traffic to take it all in. We followed the 2 up the coast and stopped in Gisborne for lunch. Not much of a town till you get deep in it but plenty of accommodation available.

Whakatane is the town of our choice to stay tonight. It is closer to Rotorua which is where we want to explore tomorrow. There are three places in town with broadband but two are down. The first lady was no help at all but the second was fantastic and gave me directions to here. The broadband is free and the room is large and clean. They gave us real milk and the guy was a great help.

So once again we have a chance to catch up and get all our updates done. Thankfully I do write them up on the computer first as I have left it before and it's hard to remember everything that way.

Whakatane is a nice seaside town but the thing that Mum and I get stupid, immature smiles on our faces is the fact that 'wh' is pronounced as an 'f'. Yes we know that it's pathetic of us but like I said....the little things!!!

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