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Jack & Barb, delivering the 'goodies'...

Spudnuts, with fresh raspberry dipping sauce for some, others are filled with...

Larry, removing the old seat to try out the new one...

I like it! Sits up a bit higher and softer too!

Tim and Crystal, nice folks....

Friday, Jack and Barb arrived with a new taste sensation. Spudnuts....say, what? Never heard of them. So, I Googled them.

In 1946 brothers Al and Bob Pelton in Salt Lake City, Utah began what would become one of America's favorite food confections, a chain of Spudnut Shops stretching from coast to coast, Alaska to Mexico. Many became devoted fans of Spudnuts, named for being potato flour donuts, "spud"nuts. Over time the parent company went out of business, gone but not forgotten. Across the USA at least 35 stores are around. 35???? LOL

Well, if you have friends like Jack and Barb in your life, perhaps you too will get to enjoy Spudnuts, at least once a year! On the downside, I have gained 2 1/2 lbs since introduced to Buckeyes and Spudnuts! Probably a good thing we don't reside in Ohio near them!!!!

This morning, Tim and Crystal arrived to visit and deliver a new inflatable to Jack, as well as place an order for two new seats for us for our Sea Eagle Paddleski. As you know we love our Sea Eagle and our only issue is we'd like a bit more padding than our original seats offer. They now offer a new deluxe kayak seat, and after testing Tim's personal seat, we decided it is a perfect solution for us. Looks like we can use them as beach chairs as well. If you have ever considered owning an inflatable, please check out their site. You will appreciate their specials and low prices, but most of all their honesty and knowledge about Sea Eagle boats. Awesome folks! Please, be sure and tell them Larry & Lee Ann sent you. Below is a link to their site:

Inflatable Boats

Hopefully we'll be on the lake later this afternoon. That's the plan, 'if it don't rain'....LOL.... Do you remember saying that little phrase? Larry tells me that when he was young, when the family planned an outing for the next day, it was always prefaced with 'if it don't rain'. A Pennsylvania, if 'it don't rain', I hope to have a lovely ride today!

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