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The plane of attack today was to head up towards Hastings on the East Coast so I could get to a Harvey Norman and find out what is wrong with the Norton Virus Protection disk I purchased.

I tried again this morning with it and it's a no go. I don't see what else I can do to get it to work so I need a nerd! Harvey Norman staff have done me well in the past with this sort of stuff so it can't hurt to try.

Even though I bought the package in Blenheim, the Hastings guy helped me out a treat. He couldn't find out why it wasn't working either but gave me a full refund and put a better virus protection on my computer for free. What a legend. Yes they over charge sometimes and hustle due to the fact they are commission based but damn if they don't help you when they can.

Hastings however is a very pretty town. The streets have not only got the hanging baskets of flowers but pots of flowers on the overhangs as well. It looks really impressive and just perks a town up nicely.

We headed up further along the coast towards Napier and it reminded me of a mix of Perth and Albany. The main drag is up the coast along the waters edge. It has houses on one side and Norfolk Pines on the beach side. It's kept very clean and tidy and is a flurry of activity.

As we couldn't find any accommodation of decent price available, we headed towards Meeanee where the best we got offered was one bed and one trundle bed for $130! Who the hell do they think they are trying for such an outrageous price for so little? We of course were out of there.

So heading back towards Napier we planned to go further up the coast to smaller towns that we love and find that accommodation, even though lacking broadband, has more vacancies. Of course we took the wrong turn again as the map lacked the road that we wanted and sent us on one that wasn't on the map.

But as we have had many other times, we got lucky and found the hotel we had searched for earlier. For only $100 we ended up with a room each, full kitchen and access to the bbq out the back. No broadband but I have come to (almost) accept NZ's lack of current technology. I try to find it endearing now and not annoying. I mean they have shows on that seem to not be repeats, that we had on TV several years ago. That should have given me the heads up on arrival.

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