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The walk up to the Borobudur Temple

A plan of the Temple

View from the back, or South, or something....

Aaaand some more. Trust me you're gonna be sick of this place...

Is that soldier without the beret doing a really big wee up...

Emma's the one at the back. One of the beret men is...

The are now lots of photo's of the Borobudur Temple....

Em walking up some Temple steps.

Extreme close up!!!!!

Em 'working it'.

Some stone work. Hey come on how exciting do you want stone...


The Temple had about 6 different levels. Erm, this was one of...

Steps up to the middle of the Temple

A higher level.

Em and some 'Trainee Tourism Students' or something. They were very sweet...

The belllllllllllllllllls! Ehem, the top part of the Temple.

Em just hanging out.


A Bell thing with a Buddha inside. Aparently one of the hundred...


Em's favourite picture. And of course yes, she wants one of these...



We've got no idea what's going on here. We hope it's a...

I'm the one at the back in case you can't see me....

The whole shabang.

Em's just realised she left her fags at the top of the...

Em's taken a real shine to these little fellas. Expect another rather...

The Merapi Volcano "View Point". We reckon they've just made the volcano...

We did find a Batmobile Tour Train in the middle of know...

Some Indonesians working in a field. Can't say any more than that...

Walk up to the Prambana Temples

See what I mean about the scaffolding?! Ruined it for everyone. DAMN...

This probably looks the same as the last temple, but it ain't...

Emma's gonna getcha!!!

I think I must have one leg shorter than the other cos...

Another wonky Temple. Ehem, must've been the earthquake....!!!!

I found Em hiding in a Temple doing this to everyone that...

A non-wonky one. Em must've taken this one!

Ooooooh magical...........

Emma 20 minutes after 'our' game of hide and seek. Heh heh...

Another wonky temple. Indonesia!!!!!

The Temples from a safe distance.

I'm actually playing hide and seek again here. I'll go back and...

The reception of our Zen hotel was over a little river. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

We had a bit of a busy one today (for us anyway!)

Yesterday we booked a tour for this morning/arvo and also a flight into Bali this eveno.

We got picked up at our hotel at about 8am this morning for an 8 hour tour of a couple of temples and a volcano.

There were 3 German people already in the minibus who were very friendly and chatty so the hour and a half drive to the first temple Borobudur went in no time.

We spent a couple of hours at Borobudur which was a different kind of temple to what we have seen previously. There were loads of big bell shaped statues with buddhas inside them.

Ok being completely crap and lazy we don't know anything about this place and can't be bothered to look it up either but it was really cool and aparently Prince Charles was there about 2 days after us as well, so if you're interested look it up, if not then carry on!!!

Oh it was also very surreal at this place as for some reason everybody, and I do mean EVERYBODY, wanted their photos taken with us. It was honestly like we were celebrities....ok or pastey freaks but as I say it was really wierd! Aparently we've been told that locals think it's good luck or something to get your photo taken with a 'Whitey'!

Anyway after this (and fighting off a million souvenir touts) we headed off to the viewing point for the Merapi Volcano.

We weren't going up the volcano itself but you drive up into the mountains to the viewing area about 1,000m below.

The weather started to rain and close in on the journey, so much so that by the time we got there we could see.................naff all!!!

Literally there was a cloud about 10 ft away from us that just wouldn't budge!

We grabbed a quick drink and some tofu and sticky rice in a banana leaf (at least we think it was Tofu!) from a local woman and then headed off back down the mountain to our last stop, the Prambana Temples.

We arrived here about an hour later after a quick fud stop, and were a bit peeved to see that the main temple had all scaffolding over it!! Didn't they know we were coming today?!?!?

Aparently these temples had been damaged from the earthquake that hit here last year (I think! Again look it up if you're interested!) and were in the process of being repaired.

There were a few of these temples dotted around which were very picturesq.....but mainly they were cool to play hide and seek around!!!

It started to rain while we were here so we pretty much just headed off early as we had to try and sort accomodation in Bali out before we left for the airport.

We got back to the hotel at about 4.30pm and got a quick bite to eat before going on the internet before we had to leave at 6pm.

Unfortunately some scumbag was on the computer till about 5.57pm so we had a 3 minute search for somewhere to stay for the first night at least.

We got a hotel name but had no idea what it was like or where it was! Nevermind, I guess that's what travelling's all about eh!?!?

Our (Lionair) flight was meant to leave at 7.45pm but was delayed for about half an hour so we would be arriving even later then the 10.55pm previously expected. If only we'd sorted out a hotel eh!?!?

As Em mentioned on yesterdays journal, she really wasn't looking forward to this budget Indonesian flight, especially after googling Lionairs safety record!!!

Also rather luckily by the time it came for us to take off there was also a massive thunder storm which helped calm her down a bit!!!!

All through the flight there were crazy flashes of lightning through the windows too which reminded everyone every few seconds that they were probably about to become another Lionair statistic!!!

Actually other then the weather and a bit of turbulance it was an ok flight.

Again Em freaked a bit as we were landing in what appeared to be the sea, but right at the last minute the runway appeared, so it was all good.

We got a cab from the airport over to the hotel and were not unsuprised to find lots of fast food places and neon signs down the main road in Kuta. This is the main tourist area of Bali so has been developed a lot over the last few years.

It reminded us a bit of the Ko San road area of Bangkok.

Anyway the hotel turned out to be quite nice (it has two pools don'tcha know!) but the room wasn't worth GBP 25.00 a night really.

Well we're hear for 2 nights anyway then after that we'll look about heading somewhere else.

We flaked out at about 1am after sorting everything out.

We'll have a look around (at a reasonable time!) 2mo.

Hello Bali!!!


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