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As our ferry is not till 2.25pm we have a lot of time to kill. We got up pretty early but saw no reason to stick around so headed towards Picton. We parked the car and went to have a look at the Aquarium. They charge $16 per adult but it's about $10 more than it's worth. Not the best I've seen by a long shot. But it did kill about 15 minutes.

The town is quite well set up for parents that need to entertain their young children while they wait for the ferry. There is a small pond that kids put little boats in to watch them sail, a train for them to ride on etc. The parents can do things like browse the small flea market that sets up or go further away from the lawn area and into town.

The shops are good for a look and have a few things at somewhat reasonably prices. There are of course the ice cream eateries, café's and restaurants to divulge in. We ended up having a slice of quiche ourselves at a place that is very popular. There wasn't even anywhere to sit to eat it so we had it in the car.

After that we headed a bit further along the coast and got to see some more of the port. We have both come to the conclusion that anyone who thinks that Highway 1 in America is a tough road to drive with hair pin turns, doesn't have a clue. It's not hairpin unless you end up chasing your own tail! Highway 1 is almost a straight road compared to some of these turns.

Taking our turn in line for the Interisland Ferry, we joined the cue to await our chance to board. At least this time we knew what to expect. After a while we started up towards the ferry and drove on. They park them close and some seem worried by that but hey we have a rental that is covered in scratches by previous users and the staff at Apex (they told us), so not too worried at all.

After being on the 7th floor for our trip out we chose the 8th floor as it was the observation deck. We kicked ourselves at first for not getting seats outside but that went away when they started to get soaked from the spray. I however started to feel a bit on the icky side after having something to eat. The sweats started so I thought 'here we go' but I made myself just rest and nap a bit and all was good. Bloody hell, I can't have any of that, we have a Brisbane cruise in front of us!

I didn't want to spend the night in Wellington so we got going with no set destination. Mum freaked a little along some of the roads as there was nothing but some thin wooden posts between you and going over the edge. She has a fear of heights and as the edge was on her side, she decide her best plan of attack was to keep her eyes on the road.

The town of Masterton was our stop point. The place we booked into wasn't all it was cracked up to be and they didn't even supply us with fresh milk for cuppa's. Just those small, wasteful ones that have about a teaspoon of milk in them. The room may only have cost $99 but the broadband was $12.95 for only 20mg of download. If you hit 50mg you got hit up for $24.95. Not exactly value for money.

There was also a fold out bed in the room that Mum wanted moved out but I think she just wanted to complain. It wasn't really in the way but it shouldn't have been there all the same.

Nothing was on TV as usual so we both retired early and read. Mum has come to the decision that they have nothing good on TV to encourage people to go out at night. I think she may be onto something as it just never seems to get any better. They really should stop bragging about having SKY Channels if there is nothing worth watching on them. Yes SKY, no cable TV with lots of options on these islands.

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