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The pool in the Feng Shui garden in our new hotel. It...

More garden!

Garden from the restaurant

Some scary-ass fish painting above our bed! Sweet dreams kids....

This morning we were up bright and early to get the hell out of our hostel and move to the nice place we had found on the net!

It took around 15 mins to drive there and we started going down all these back roads to what seemed to be the middle of no where! But it was worth it! The hotel was so relaxing and peaceful and the rooms were clean and comfy and the staff were really really nice! It's what we imagined 'The Priory' or something to be like, without the recovering junkies of course!

We got some brecko and headed back in to town to go see what tours we could do and try to book either a bus or a flight down to Bali.

While we were looking on the internet there was a power cut shortly followed by the most rain I have ever seen! It rained solid for about an hour, all we could do was stand under the shop cover and watch as the roads flooded! We managed to get a cab back to the hotel and the power was working there so we waited for the weather to clear up and headed back to town as we still hadn't booked anything!

We found a travel shack and booked up a trip for tomorrow morning and a flight to Bali for the evening!

I am very nervous about the flight as there have been a lot of crashes over the past few years and some companys are blacklisted in the EU but still fly in Indonesia! And the ones that are not blacklisted still have pretty bad reputations but it was either a 1 hour flight or a 18 hour bus/ferry trip so we decided to risk it!

Grabbed some dinner then headed back as we are being picked up for our trip at 8am.


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