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2018-09-15. Orcas Island

The ferry folks certainly know what they are doing....We had a 10:20 a.m. sailing to Orcas Island booked for today and at 10:20, after only a 15 minute loading window, the ferry sailed. It was amazing! Unfortunately, it was raining for the entire hour long voyage so, since we were only one car from the end of the open cargo hold, and since we were parked so close to the car next to us that we could not open our door, we stayed inside. We were still treated to a nice view of the San Juan Islands and a RV eye view of the docking at both Shaw and Orcas Island. We are staying at West Beach Hotel and RV "resort". I use that term loosely. If you have a big RV like we do, do not come here! The roads are very narrow and rolling with blind curves and, this "resort" while beautifully located on the water cannot really support a rig our size despite what we were told when we made the reservation. We barely got level and our 30 amp service is barely that; we can only operate one major electrical appliance at a time so, while we are cooking with the microwave or even using the coffee pot, we could not run any electric heaters. It is only 57 degrees here so...we do need some heat. And, no dump station though I was told when I made the reservations, that there was one "close by". Not sure what that means. And, did I mention it is raining, raining, raining? What a big muddy mess! This place must have been an orchard at some point because there are apple and pear trees all around the resort and the deer are taking advantage of this; eating all the fruit as it falls. There are pears and apples strewn about and, I'm feeling a "picking" coming on.

We drove to nearby Eastsound and walked its lovely Crescent Beach with Roadie. Then, we went to the local Irish Pub, the White Horse, and drank beer and hard cider respectively in front of a waterfront view. We met several really interesting people and wound up staying several hours chewing the fat with them and listening to their stories of life here away from all semblance of city life. It is a slower pace here with organically grown products sold as the norm. Gardens, greenhouses and blooming flowers abound and we understand that it is neither too hot nor too cold all year long. Again, though, rain, rain, rain! It's a shame that we can't really appreciate the beauty here with everything gray and gloomy.

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