Bill, Mary Ellen & Bowie - Newfoundland 2018 travel blog

Wind turbines as far as you can see!

Bucolic fields on the other side of the road

June 1st

This countryside is more familiar as we leave the Bruce Peninsula and drive hwy 21 along Lake Huron. The fog is ever present it seems and while it is hot and humid a few kms inland that changes dramatically near the shore. As we drive south it becomes apparent that the province of Ontario is determined to replace nuclear and hydro driven power generation with wind power. The countryside is not just dotted with wind turbines but covered as far as the eye can see. It takes your eye away from everything else around it as it becomes the landscape. Our new route has taken us near Bill’s brother and we take the opportunity to drop in on him and catch up on life in Goderich. This city was visited by a violent tornado several years ago and the downtown was devastated. You would never know it now except that a closer look at what appears to be old buildings shows where they have been rebuilt. It is a very fine job of reconstruction. This evening we have a lovely dinner out (the first of the trip), and fine weather to finish off. No sunset pictures though…too much fog on the water!

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