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Black slug on the path - about 10cm long

Path to Iglesia de San Estaban (Church of St Stephen)

Wet, muddy track.

Wall around Pamplona

Entrance to Pamplona

Shell markers through Pamplona.

Day 3 - El Camino

Maximum elevation = 536, minimum elevation = 411m. Cool, mostly cloudy day - about 13 degrees.

A climb up to the village of Zuriain started our day. Rain overnight meant the path was wet and muddy and the paved sections slippery. I was very excited to see the large black slugs on the path.

After the village of Irotz, the mud became sticky and flicked up up legs but not off our boots. We came across Sister Maria Assumption who encouraged us to take the detour path to her village, Zabaldika, and her church, Iglesia de San Estaban. Great idea, and then the path turned upwards!!

The church had information on the village and churches history and then we were allowed to walk up the narrow, stone, spiral staircase to the bell tower. And ring the bell - cool!!

We joined back with the main pathway and found many pilgrims didn't know about the detour and bell ringing so we were pretty lucky.

Onwards then towards Pamplona. A short delay as we were mesmerised by a procession of caterpillars, maybe 2m long.

The towns of Villava and Burlada preceded Pamplona and were big, busy towns - nothing like we'd seen so far.

And then into Pamplona. Great medieval walls and a gate led us into the city. Truly amazing. I thought we were heading into a tourist attraction, not the city. And to be honest, I was tired and hungry so breathed a sigh of relief.

We had a pilgrims lunch in Pamplona and then made our way out of the city on the other side through parks and standard city buildings, helped along by shell markers on the pathway - nowhere near as dramatic as the entry.

We walked on another 5km to the satellite village of Cizur Menor. We found a private Albergue - Familia Roncal. We're in a 10 bed room. Me and 5 blokes (including Troy) . It's just like being at home.

Today's distance = 21km

Total distance = 74km

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