North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

1 tonne doesn't look much in the bottom of this bin

few more bins ready to tip

Thursday 18th Aug - at farm

We had some heavy rain last night but only for a short time. This morning was cloudy but we’re up getting breakfast and listening to a butcher bird sing in the fig tree above the shed where we are parked. Mid morning we got the thrilling text and photo to say that Sharla now had her Ps. That’s right everybody, another young one on the roads - but don’t worry you won’t have to watch out ‘cos Sharla is a good driver. What a difference that will make to Kaye’s life - not having to do so much running around.

This morning Bob had two appointments in Maleny and after a quick morning tea all together Bob and Ron set off for Gympie in the ute pulling a trailer. Together they were loaded with 2 tonne of nuts ready for the Macadamia Co-op in Gympie. Bob had been allocated a dump time of 1:00pm.

(Bob used the opportunity of Jan staying with Annette for him to get some tasks done when he didn’t have to worry about leaving Annette on her own. Annette has a disease called PSP (related to ‘Parkinson’s’) and needs help for all daily activities.

At night after dinner we played a 3-way game of Sequence. We all had a ball and it was wonderful to see Annette advising Bob on which cards to play to maintain competitiveness.

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