Jack Ross Epic Alaska Pics 16 travel blog

Mama bear

Baby bear in tree


Baby buffalo

Grandma and buffalo by JRB

Jack and Grandma in Laird hot springs

Bagley's on the boardwalk to Laird Hot springs

Jack being a Monkey


Another great animal spotting day. We saw Caribou, Buffalo, A black bear with 2 cubs, a couple of other bear, stone sheep and had a dip in the liard Hot springs. Mom parked us great in a pull through campsite. Dad is all proud that all everything on the RV (except the rear stabalizers) are working again. It’s been 48 hours since we have seen a bear in a campground so I get to sleep outside again. 2 nights in a row with SMORES…Mom is claiming to out of hershey’s chocholate bars.

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