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Carpes boondocking in Live Oak FL Wal*Mart parking lot

Interstate 10 along Florida's Panhandle

West of Tallahassee we entered the eastern time zone

It is always exciting winding thru a Wal*Mart parking lot

Thu, 25 Feb: Still chugging east...

Today was another travel day, should be our last long-ish day. We awoke to a chilly coach in Crestview as the overnite temps dropped into the high thirties. Our gas furnaces took care of the chill and we enjoyed a somewhat lazy morning. After cleaning up our breakfast dishes and getting th coach ready to roll Sandi hit the road at half past nine.

The Wal*Mart was only a short distance from Interstate 10 so in short order we were heading east into the sun. After several days of cloudy and gloomy weather a sunny day was a nice treat. It remained cool the entire trip so our dashboard heat was most welcome. Other than some wind in places it was ideal weather for a drive.

The traffic on I 10 wasn't that heavy, but we know we're on the east coast by the inconsiderate drivers. "Turn signal??? I don't need no stinkin' turn signal!"

West of Tallahassee we entered the eastern time zone. That seals it, we're definitely on the east coast now. Arkkkk!

About noon (Central time) we stopped for lunch at a rest stop and Bob took over driving duties. He safely navigated us thru Tallahassee and east to Live Oak where we entered the Wal*Mart parking lot. While we like staying in Wally lots, sometimes navigating thru those lots can be a challenge. Bob did a masterful job and we got parked in a mostly level area.

Today's trip was 227 miles with an overall economy of nine mpg.

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