Almost the Whole Pacific Coast - Winter/Spring 2016 travel blog

snowy mountains

We are camped on the Johnston Strait on the northwesternmost point we plan to travel on this trip. Across the water we are looking at mountains that are topped with glaciers, covered by low hanging clouds. We came to this area on a small cruise ship in 2005 and were intrigued by what there was to do and see here that a short cruise visit did not allow. Now that we are here, we're not sure what we will do here. Many of the animal viewing opportunities (whales and bears) that we would enjoy don't begin until June 1. Our campground has a nice restaurant. Even though the campground is fully booked this weekend for the Canadian version of Memorial Day, the restaurant won't open until June 1 either. The fishing season has not yet begun. We are wondering what all the holiday campers will do here. In many ways this area reminds us of Alaska - cool, damp and covered with trees. Many areas have been logged and are in various stages of recovery. Nearly every home we pass has an RV parked in front of it. If they want to take a trip of any length at all, a ferry has to be involved. Maybe everyone just moves around this little piece of nature.

When we first thought about visiting Vancouver Island, I had visions of driving around it, but that's impossible. There's one main road going northwest - southeast and we have traveled virtually all of it. In the southern third of the island where nearly everyone lives, the road was sometimes two lane, sometimes three, sometimes four lane divided and sometimes expressway which suddenly had a traffic light bringing us to a screeching halt. But the northern half was two lane all the way with frequent signs warning of elk. So far we haven't seen one. We passed some sizable mountains that bisect Vancouver Island and prevent us from accessing most of the Pacific coast. We passed a ski resort and wondered how many people make the journey here to use it.

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