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Bear up close, just north of Fort Nelson, BC

Another close up of the bear

Mountain Scene (where the moose appeared)

The moose (running across the road)

Kitten for sale? (lounging among the trinkets for sale at Tetsa River...

Birds at Toad River RV Park Campsite

Toad River RV Park (view from our campsite)

How nice of them to plant a garden right in front of...




Today was nothing short of AMAZING!! We finally left most of the rain behind in Fort Nelson, traveled to Toad River BC. I'm not sure if this is really a town, all that is here is the lodge/restaurant/cabins/rv park, and of course gas pumps (thank heavens!). We saw lots of wildlife today; bear, moose, and even a little red fox sitting along side the road. We got some pretty good pics of the moose & bear, and lots of scenery! When we saw the moose, we had stopped on a pull out to take some pics of the mountain peaks up ahead, and suddenly this moose appeared out of the bush. He (or she?) just stood for the longest time staring at us, I was a little worried as to what he thought he should do about us, and then he galloped off across the road, we were so close that we could hear his hooves klopping on the pavement, just like the sound of a horse. When we arrived at the rv park here in Toad River, we were lucky enough to get a site right on the river. (Thanks to Ken's ability to back up a trailer). Well, we could go on & on about how lovely this place is, but I'll just post some pics so you can see for yourself. We are limited to the number of pics we can post in a 30 day period of time, so I'm picking only the best. If you want to see the rest, you'll have to come to our house when we get back in the fall.

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