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Mist coming in

Cannon Beach

Flowers and stores

Quaint alleyway


Another back alley



Interesting Sculpture



And some more

We were up early this morning and got packed away. We left about 10:00 am and set off towards Portland. As we approached the city our GPS and the signs disagreed. I chose to follow the words of the GPS with the printed signs, rather than the direction from the GPS and ended up on the wrong road. We went through a built up area with many traffic lights which at least were well co-ordinated resulting in few stops. We eventually met up with the road we should have been on and continued with only a short loss of time. The rest of the road was uneventful. The temperature rose slowly till we crested a summit then it slowly dropped till we arrived at Cannon Beach where it felt quite cool. When we opened the trailer, we realized we had brought some heat with us as it was considerably warmer inside than out.

I realized that last night I had called the Beach after the camera rather than the gun! It is Cannon with two "Ns". We got checked in and set up and had lunch. Christine made a list of the groceries we needed and we set off in search of a store. The Internet indicated there were three such places and we stopped at one where we got most of the items. We parked the truck and walked the main street, taking side trips down to survey the beach and sea. The mist was starting to roll in, but you did not have to go far inland to feel a degree of warmth. Christine found many flowers to photograph.

We came back to the campground and had dinner. We settled in and I worked on the photos and journal and Christine worked on her tablet.

Tomorrow we will explore further afield, probably northwards as we need to replenish our drinking water and we understand we may be able to do that at Seaside.

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