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Carpe Diem boondocking at the Price Wally

Driving thru Moab is always an adventure

All arches aren't in the park...
This one is a few miles north...

Thirty miles north of Moab we picked up I 70
It runs concurrent...

And leave the Interstate some 28 miles to the west...

A Union Pacific train rounds a curve off US 191/US 6
Bob had...

Thu, 30 Apr: A nice easy road day...

After sitting at Ken's Lake since Saturday it was time to mosey along. Our friends Bobbie & Lee Powell will depart Moab this morning so we decided to make it a two day journey to Ogden.

We awoke with the sun. We've been sleeping with our bedroom shades open so we could wake up to the sun shining on the La Sal Mountains and the bluffs that surround ken's Lake. It is hard to stay in bed when the world around you is so spectacularly beautiful.

We enjoyed a relaxed breakfast along with several mugs of fresh-brewed tea. Then it was time to go thru the checklists, check tire pressure, oil level, etc., etc. Once ready to go Sandi backed Carpe out of her site and we got the car connected and rolled wheels at 0920.

In short order we were on US 191 north toward Moab. A few miles south of town we saw the Powell's tour bus heading south as they continue their tour. Today they'll enjoy the drive south toward Mexican Hat and then Monument Valley. We hope the weather is good so they can enjoy the drive.

Traffic thru Moab was tolerable. It can be very inconsistent with people and vehicles going every which way and nobody paying any attention to what they're doing. It is typical of many tourist towns, folks figure they're on holiday and the laws of physics are temporarily repealed. We made it thru town with nary a scratch and an only moderate elevation of Sandi's blood pressure.

North of town we continued north on US 191 for thirty miles where US 191 joins with US 6 and I 70 to head west. Twenty-some miles to the west US 191 & US 6 break away from the Interstate and heads northwest. We opted for the Federal Highways to cut the corner to I 15.

Another sixty miles and we came to the town of Price, an important mining center. After a "grueling" 124 miles we pulled into the Wal*Mart for the nite (despite the fact that it wasn't even noon).

Today's data are: 123.8 miles, 15.1 gallons, 8¼ mpg.

Tomorrow we'll continue to Ogden. It is about 150 miles, and includes driving the length of I 15 from Provo thru Salt Lake City on to Ogden. It is not our favorite stretch of road but it is pretty much all there is.

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