Today started as a nice day as Ross went for his usual morning walk with very mild temperatures and clear skies and a bright sun. The only down side was the wind. The wind never really abated overnight and it got steadily stronger as the day progressed and the Hill's moved eastward on I 40.

The days traveling started with our refueling at a nearby Flying J and taking on 65 gallons of diesel at $3.76 per gallon before they headed east with their final destination being Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a distance of 245 miles. They stopped at the Visitors Center and spoke with two women that were a real kick. The women gave them all kinds of materials and if all of sites were visited it would take a year.

Upon arriving at the campground, Two Fountains RV Park, they were lead to their site and Ross attempted to start the truck to disconnect from the motorhome and the truck would not start. The battery was dead and Ross had to get a jump start. The battery tested bad and a new battery was purchased. The truck now works.

Ross and Marge signed up for three nights with an option for four. They plan on staying for a while because they traveled over 200 miles today and to time their reaching Grand Rapids by the 20h they need to average 100 miles per day.

The campground is a new facility with paved roads and concrete pads and all of the usual amenities. The downside is the local weather forecast predicts some severe weather beginning on Thursday and ending on Friday. Fortunately this campground has a storm shelter. We hope we don't need the storm shelter but it is good to know it there as a safety valve.

The current time is 1916 Central Time and the current temperature is 87 degrees. The severe weather moving in is predicted to lower the temperature and that at least will be a welcome change. The air here in Oklahoma City is significantly more humid than the air we experienced in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Their dinner tonight was macaroni and cheese and they are now finishing up and will be starting the dishes in few minutes.

That is all for now.

Ross & Marge

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