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Up early this morning to have breakfast and then head to the car rental place.

The plan was to hire a car go about 100km to Vergina (there are four tombs there) then head about another 250km to Delfi and then head back to Thesoloniki by 9pm to drop the car off. Lets see how it went.

After having to go to 2 or 3 Car rental places and doing a bit of hagling we got our car and where out of the city by 10.30am.

We arived in Vergina at about 11.30am and after taking 10 min to find the tombs (which included Phillip 2 and Alexander 4 tombs Alexander the Greats father and son respectivly we found out the all to comon sign in Greece.


So back in the car and start to head to Delfi.

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