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Well we awoke again this morning to the lovely smell of Rotorua (and wondered how much longer do we have here again?) We made our way to another geothermal area close by to town... Because that is apparently the thing to do here. On our way we came across a deer-like species with huge antlers.. so of course Clint had to stop for a picture and to watch them for awhile. We weren't exactly sure what they were, so Clint made me do my elk bugle to see if they came running. Well i am a bit out of practice! but they all did stop what they were doing and turned their heads! So I've decided, they are definitely related to the elk. Anywho, the geothermal area is quite unreal; the different colours and landforms that are naturally occurring in this area from all of the volcanic activity are something to see. There was a cross at this site for 4 tourists that were killed when they were trying to get a photo of a volcano erupting many years ago. After touring around there, we went and had a picnic lunch at the redwood forest. What a breath of fresh air! It was so beautiful in this area, we spent the afternoon hiking around here. On our drive back to the hostel, Clint spotted a burger fuel joint, so that was the supper destination. It was recommended that we go and check out the endangered kiwi bird at rainbow springs. Since they are nocturnal birds and come out at night, we did this after supper. Went back to the hostel to turn on the heater so we could hopefully get some sleep tonight, instead of freezing our asses off like the night before!

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