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Heading for the Franz Josef Glacier

The Glacier.

Blue Ice on the glacier.

Heading to the top of the world.

10 km of packed ice.

Soft white powdery snow at the top.

Walking in a winter wonderland.

Background is Mount Tasman; 11,475ft.

Mount Tasman Peak; 11,475 ft.

Glacier overview.

This is the top o'the world, Mount Cook Peak. 12,315ft.

Snow covered Mount Cook, Awesome.

Flying back down the glacier.

From the glacier, looking down on Franz Josef Village.

Spent the whole morning waiting for the cloud to clear. Finally, at 2 o'clock, got the all clear. I'll let the photo's speak for themselves.....a 45 minute helicoptor flight to and then landing on the top of the Franz Josef Glacier, followed by a flight to and around the peak of Mount Cook. 12,315ft.

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