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Oak Creek Campground campsite panorama using 4 photos

Just-like-new RV nose with 8 coats of protectant

Girls ready for another exciting campground day.

Jack with his float ring in campground pool.

Jack in his Invisibility Cloak

The three of us at Amy's home with part of a special...

Martha with her cart stuck on the campsite stump - HDR photo.

Oak Creek Campground entrance with HDR

Campground stream using HDR

Stream stump using HDR

Another campground stream photos using HDR

Vinca flower at campsite.

June 12 – Ready to Leave Bowmansville for Mystic, CT

We rolled up the RV awning and packed up our outside stuff in preparation for our travel to Mystic, CT tomorrow, Monday, June 13.

We enjoyed Jack during his visit us again for a sleepover and we used the campground pool twice. See photo of Jack in the pool. And, we enjoyed another great meal at Amy’s when we returned Jack to his folks.

I am learning a photographic technique called high dynamic range (HDR) imagery that combines three photos – normal, under exposed and over exposed – to create a photo with more detail in the shadow areas. I am also learning how to create a panorama using a software package from Microsoft, Image Composite Editor (ICE).

The photo of the side view of the RV is of three stitched photos using the ICE program. The photos of the campground entrance, stream, stump and Martha at the stump are from the HDR process. I plan to use these two programs to improve my photos that I will take at Acadia NP in a few weeks.

I spent a day applying 8 coats of a protectant to the RV nose to make it look new (see photo) and a part of a day washing the RV body. The grim that I scrubbed off of the rubber roof last week was clinging to the RV sides.

We had a three-day visit of the Collicks and enjoyed seeing the many features inside of their new motorhome. Kathleen made a sale of an iPad by demonstrating ours to Toni, an avid Scrabble player and soon-to-be iPad 2 Scrabble player.

Have a great week.

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