The Olivetts in Peru 2010-2011 travel blog

5-seater Cessna C207 (photo by Vin)

Ready to fly (photo by Jen)

Let's go! (photo by Vin)

Trapezoids (photo by Vin)

Astronaut (photo by Tony)

Humming Bird (photo by Vin)

Next to Road (incl. shadow of our plane) photo by Vin

Monkey (photo by Tony)

Condor (photo by Tony)

Tree (photo by Tony)

Spider (photo by Tony)

Tree and hands (photo by Tony)

Sunset (photo by Tony)

Flight over Nazca Lines! Bus to Lima at 3 - about 7 hours. Stayed at "Gran Hotel Bolivar". (walked about 1 mile)

Vinny: We took a half-hour ride in a 5-seat airplane over the Nazca Lines. The Nazca Lines are several parallel lines and figures etched in the sand. They are so big they are not visible from earth. No one knows how they were created.

Tony: We saw the Nazca Lines in a little 5 seater single engine propeller plane. Besides the fact that all of us got sick besides my dad, we all enjoyed seeing the lines.

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