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View from Sue and Walt's living room/veranda - Capital building and Wasington...

Panning to the right, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial

More to the right is the Jefferson Memorial

Panning right again is the Pentagon

A photo op after touring the White House

A nice shot of our nation's Capital

The boat "Walt's on Water"

Chris talking to David Letterman's ticket officials

Chris, Dan and Linda tail-gating

Dan, Chris, Walt and Sue during the game

Statue of Liberty

The Bull on Wallstreet

A little attention from the Naked Cowboy in Times Square

Rick holding two snakes on Wall Street/ or are the snakes holding...

Linda holding snake on Wall Street- all wrapped up

Central Park / NYC from top of Rockefeller Center

Another view of Central Park and surrounding area

Linda & Dan Hadam, Sandra & Rick & Chris & Dan Norris

all of us on Liberty Island with NY City in the background

Christopher, me & Carly with Walt in the back

Will and Michael

On Monday, August 30th we boarded a very early (6:00 a.m.) Delta flight with Dan and Chris Norris headed for Washington, DC from Boise. We arrived in DC at around 3:00 p.m., caught a cab to Rick's sister's condo in Arlington VA. Sue and Walt Cheatham live on the sixteenth floor so we could see the Capital, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon and Arlington Cemetary from their living room.

After snapping these shots we headed out to try our hand at the subway system and begin our site-seeing adventure. We had six days to see everything we could possibly fit in and we had tour appointments set for the Capital building, White House, Supreme Court and Pentagon. We found the subway quite easy to use so we didn't need to use taxis. Every day we walked and walked and walked some more. The weather was very hot, but what could be better than warm sunny days.

Walt and Sue were out of town until Thursday evening - they were so gracious to let us use their home without them being there. We all did our best to keep their home in perfect condition. On friday they took us for a ride on the Occoquan River in their boat.

That afternoon our friend Linda Hadam joined us so we all went directly from the boat ride to the airport to get her. Then to more site-seeing and walking. Sue and Walt showed us more very interesting places and things including Alexandria, Georgetown, Embassy Row, Hillary and Bill Clinton's home, the Minidoka, Idaho Internment Camp Memorial, the narrowist house in America and the National Cathedral. (I just know I'm forgetting something...we saw SO much!) While in DC Chris received her call from the David Letterman show confirming that they had seats for the show.

On Sunday afternoon we left our travel mates to spend a little time with Rick's niece Scott, her husband Will and their three children, Carly, Christopher & Michael. Walt & Sue drove us to their home in McLean, VA. They fed us a wonderful salmon dinner and we went for a walk. We met one of their neighbors on the walk - the son-in-law of the late Senator Byrd (longest serving Senator in the history of the U.S.) who was walking Sen. Byrd's dog "Trouble". We enjoyed every second of our time with them.

On Monday we went to a Washington Nationals vs the Mets baseball game. We purposefully arrived late to see if we could get a great price on some scalper tickets. Oh yeah! The five of us had to split up but we all got great seats. Then Walt and Sue picked us up to go the the Boise State vs Virginia Tech football game at Fed Ex Field. Never being in the stadium before we had no idea what our seats would be like. BINGO - we were in a suite on the third tier, but the view of the entire field was excellent. Because the game was televised we could watch the live play and then lift our heads to the televisions in the suite to see it all over again. (the seven second delay was great). We did the pre-game tail-gating thing and then discovered that the cost of the tickets included a free buffet, popcorn, ice cream, chips, etc.

We had wanted to attend Idaho Senator Crappo's tail-gate party but discovered that it was almost a mile away. There simply wasn't enough time.

On Tuesday morning Walt and Sue drove us to see one or two more things, then on to Union Station to catch the Amtrak train to New York City's Penn Station. From there we took the subway to the condo that we rented in Harlam. Linda's husband Dan joined us on that day. The see-as-much-as-you-can schedule continued. Our only "appointments" were the David Letterman show and the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Rick had also received his call for the show. Linda and Dan Hadam came with us and were lucky enough to get in on "stand-by".

We saw so much that I am not even going to try to list all of them. SOME of the places were: Empire State Building, Time Square, the wax museum, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Rockefeller Center, NBC Studio tour, Trump Tower, Wall Street, Brooklyn and Brooklyn Bridge.

Have you heard of the Naked Cowboy? I got a hug from him?

On September 11th Rick and I went down to Ground-Zero taking in all the emotion of the special day. As we stood watching them read the names of those that died on 9-11-01(what you may have seen on television) we heard a verbal confrontation. We turned to see a woman yelling at a man that was dressed in Muslim garb holding up a Koran. They were surrounded by observers. Rick joined the observers to see what it was about. While he found out about that I stood back taking it all in. Then I heard singing. As I glanced to my right I saw a large group of Amish singing hymns. It was very intense; names being read behind me and in front of me confrontation and singing. Add to that streets filled with people of every nationality, firefighters and police officers from other nations, represenatatives of every form of media interviewing, documenting and taking photos and very alert, observing police officers. There was so much conflicting energy in such a small was VERY intense. How fortunate we were to be able to be there in person.

From there we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and found a place called "Jack the Horse" that someone had told us about. We could not go in as we were there too early - they didn't open until five-thirty.

On Sunday the weather finally cooled and it began to rain so we took the "Hop-on Hop-off" city tour bus. We had a great tour guide who filled us in on a plethera of history as we went through the burroughs of NYC.

Very early (3:30 am) on Monday, September 13th we arrived at the Kennedy airport to fly home.

Other highlight photos are Rick and Linda holding snakes on Wall Street (hey Laura - Gotcha!!), group photos at a Yankee's baseball game and on Statue of Liberty Island and veiws from the Rockefeller Center.

We all had an awesome time. We give thanks for such wonderful family and friends!!

Tomorrow we leave for our very first rv-adventure out of state. We are on our way to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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