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Went north on the Redwood Coast (as the northern coast of CA is called)– with various State Parks claiming the “tallest” tree – which was very confusing. Turns out that the tallest tree in the world keeps moving. Presently it is ‘Hyperion’ at 380’ tall and in the deep woods of the Redwood National and State Parks (you can’t get to it). Nature has her way as the trees get older and knocks off treetops or fells them completely. The Redwoods don’t live forever – but many are 2000 years old.

Pres. Johnson established Redwood National Park (not far from the Oregon/Calif. Border) in 1968 and in the 90’s it joined with the various Redwood State Parks in the area. There are only 3 places in the world where these giant trees grow. The Sequoias (fatter, shorter and older) are in central CA at Sequoia National Park, the Redwoods are along the northern CA coast and a 3rd type is in China – quite a bit smaller. The trees are very fire tolerant – so many are burned out beyond belief and still flourishing They require LOTS of rain – so this area is often foggy, misty and cool. Don’t think I’d like to live here.

Yesterday we provided some school kids with a valuable lesson. As we were biking by a group walking out on a boardwalk for a tidepool experience – one little guy said to his friend “Look at that old man and old lady with those old bikes”. The teacher scolded him for “calling people names” – but in reality the kids now know that OLD PEOPLE can ride bikes !!!

We joined another school group at the tidepools this morning in the rain. Saw lots of marine life. We also went agate hunting – but not knowing exactly what an agate was – found many pretty stones. The ranger said later than 1 or 2 might be agates. They’re sort of polished and translucent.

Tomorrow we’re off to 100 miles inland. We are used to the cool weather and wearing many layers. We hear tomorrow we’ll be in 100 degrees.

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