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Our tour company. We opted for a photographic tour with only 6...

There was a hoop dance before the canyon tour

Into Antelope Canyon

There were hundreds of people in the canyon.

Our first view.

A crack

A first beam

Another crack

A beam




A beam of sunlight


A ghostly formation.


Light layers

Another beam


A narrow crack





A narrow single beam of light




Triple beams

Tom had to lay on the ground for this shot


Our guide, Mylo played a wonderful composition for us on his flute


Our group was mesmorized

Back to the vehicle



After leaving the campground at Lee's Ferry bright and early, we drove into Page to go on our long-awaited photography tour of Antelope Canyon. This may be the best slot canyon in the west, and we had a perfectly blue-sky sunshine day for it - important for the sunbeams shining in through the ceiling. We went with the Chief Tsosie tour, since Trip Advisor liked it, and got Mylo as our guide for our small group of six. There were many, many other tours and people there at the same time, but Mylo made sure we had people-free shots of incredible views inside. What an experience! We then tried a different campground in town which was awful, and went back to Wahweap for the night.

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