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Can't believe they can do that

Don't they come any bigger?

Putting up our tent at Edden Rock campsite


Swimming in the nile

Maciej on the river (in front)

Got to the border and found out that our newly learned swahili helped shit all.

There are so many languages spoken in Uganada, that learning just one seemes effortless.

BUT we got here, chilled for a week, Maciej did white water rafting (the raft flipped over twice to Maciej's great joy), we have to camp here since the prizes for acc are skyhigh. I am not so used to camping, but Maciej is in his right element in a damp, small uncomfortable tent.

We had a chat with the coordinator from Soft Power Education, a volunteer organization in Jinja that is very productive which you can see when you are driving through Jinja, seeing sign upon sign at different schools telling you that these schools have been build by Soft Power.

We are looking forward to starting (on wednesday) we are still not sure what we are going to do, but since they arrange a festival next weekend, we are going to be busy helping out with that the first week.

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