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The hostel in Oudtshoorn

Our room with a handy bed outside just in case you lost...

The lounge/dining area

Does exactly what it says on the wall!!!

Em on the Intermenet

Em 'playing' pool in the bar with the fire outside in the...

We left Mossel Bay this afternoon.

Just before we left a nice couple staying at the lodge was giving us horror stories about Thailand and stuff which was nice. They did give me a Peter Kay book which took my mind off of Thailand though!!

We travelled up to a place called George which is a 45 minute drive up the coast from Mossel Bay and then we had to catch a connecting shuttle bus from here for an hours drive inland to Oudtshoorn.

It was all going swimmingly until the trailer on the back of the Bus blew a tire. So we should pull over right?

Not in South Africa you don't!!!

We drove for about another 15 minutes at about 5 miles an hour to a garage bumping and scraping along the road all the way!!!!

Luckily we changed there for the shuttle bus!!!

The Hostel in Oudtshoorn is really chilled out and cool.

The lounge/kitchen/dining areas are really spacious and the bar and BBQ area out back are cool as well.

There's 3 fire pits which is always good to stare into (When they are lit obviously!!!).

Oooh and they've got a pool table too.

Me and Em just spanked a Belgian couple!!!

For din dins we had a Ostrich feast (Steak and sausage) with salad and potatios and stuff which was absolutely scrum diddley-umptious......for me anyway. Em's still feeling a little bit dicky so kindly donated 3/4 of her food to me as well!!! Heh heh heh.

Tomorrow we are planning an early one - a 12k cycle taking in Cango Caves, The Ostrich Farm and the Cango Wildlife Ranch.

Tune in tomorrow to see if we made it!!!


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