Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

Rita's tea room at Big Pond overlooking Bras d'Or on Cape Briton...

Her own tea cup design

Rita is a famous Canadian singer who had a weekly TV show...

Anne's sandwiches

It was a lovely stop for lunch

The Fortress of Louisbourg is an extensive recreation by Parks Canada

There are dozens of buildings with inhabitants from the period of the...

Entrance over a moat

Chevalier House - the place is VERY French


Inside a common pub

A painting of the harbor which was very busy at the time

Anne looks at a model ship

Needle point

Close up of the exquisite work

The actors wandered the streets as they did in the "day"

This lady was knitting by a window

The higher class in a sitting room (is that Napoleon?)

The administrator looking very French

Demonstrating the harpsichord


Reenactment in a kitchen

Making lace. This woman is the wife of the garrison commander.

Detail in a tapestry

The tavern

A house with a grass roof

Chapel spire

Guard at the King's bastion

Wall of the King's bastion

A military ceremony

Marching to the canon

The drummer leads the way

Ready, aim .....


This was the last shot of the season. We were lucky to...

Good by

Sept 30 Sunday

Along Bras d'Ors, on Sunday, we found Rita's Tearoom near the little town of Big Pond. Rita MacNeil is a famous singer in Canada, and was born there. She invited people to stop for a cup of tea at her concerts - and so many came that she built this lovely tearoom where we had lunch and enjoyed her music. We asked the waitress if her CBC show was still on, and the waitress said no, but that Rita was having her last summer concert just up the road in Big Pond that night at the community center! We thought hard about it, but decided to press on for the Fortress of Louisbourg, a wonderful recreation of a French military post from the early to mid-1700s. It was the last day of the full season, and we were there for the last cannon firing of the year!

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