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Kyla trying Greek coffee. Greek coffee winning the battle of the wills.

Acropolis at night. If you can imagine the number of tries to...

The Acropolis and Nick at night.

Our hotel/hostel bathroom.

Kyla writing...

After exploring the city for a couple of days, Nick's parents, Mel and Judy, joined us. They would travel with us from Athens to Santorini and to Crete for a 2 week holiday.

We thought that a bus tour of the city would be a great way to get an overview of the city and would be jet-lag friendly for Mel and Judy. What we took was a city sponsored bus tour, our ticket costing 5 euro and valid for 24 hours. Our expectations were high. Nick and I had a great time taking the tours in London (22 quids). As one would expect the tours in London were in English. The tour in Athens was half in Greek and then in English. The problem was that by the time the English came on, it appeared as through we had already passed the site. There was also little information other than "look to your right and you will see such and such a site". We can all read a map so this type of tour was of little value to us. Mind you we did all agree that if nothing, it gave us a great insight into driving in Greece. As we were in the largest of vehicles we ALWAYS won out in any traffic show down with small cars and mopeds.

Mel and Judy were star jet-laggers - you would never have guessed that they had just arrived in Athens from overseas. Before they knew it, they were walking through the national archaeology museum, agoras, ruins, parks and then onward and upward for the hike up to the Acropolis (unforunately the batteries in our camera ran out that day but Mel has assured us that he will upload some photos from atop the Acropolis).

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