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Hey folks - got a few days to catch up with - so enjoy!

This day was probably the quietest day we'd had! We woke up and headed up to a place we'd found in San Diego that let us upload photos. We had the upload marathon of our lives, whacking about 150 photos on over about 3 hours :-O! It was very boring and time-consuming so we hope you guys enjoy it! From there we grabbed the car, checked out of our hostel and boosted up the Interstate 5 (Motorway) to Anaheim, which is about 30 miles south of Los Angeles. For those that know... Anaheim is the home of Disneyland!

On the way we stopped off at Dennys for an all American lunch... Double Quarter Pounder and Fries with free refill on the drink. Small town America at its best!!

Thanks to Jay at LINK-UP for the Dennys shout!!

We found a motel (Best Western) that would put us up for $60 so we went for it! It had a pool and laundry + TV so it was right up our street! It meant we could catch up on washing and all the news going on around the world (from a heavily biased American perspective). That night we watched some great US TV!! We recommend the following shows!!

JOEY: Yay! This is the Joey guy out of Friends that has his own TV show now! It's great!! Is this show on in the UK yet?? We hope so cos it rocks! Also...

WILL AND GRACE: We know this is on in the UK - but it's great!

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND: (Big shout out to my stepdad Ray too ;-)) - Very random show - the Americans love this show - it's sometimes on two channels at the same time!!

THE APPRENTICE: Have you seen this show!?? It's fantaaaaaastic! Helen and I have seen two episodes and it's absolutely brill! It's about 15 candidates that are going for a top job with Donald Trump in New York. The job is worth millions, but the whole thing is set up Big Brother style. Each week the candidates have tasks that they have to do - the person that does the worst gets 'fired' by Donald Trump!!



Anyway. Enough. Disney Tomorrow!

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